CoinGeek Weekly Livestream with Kurt Wuckert Jr.

CoinGeek Weekly Livestream Q&A features 1SatOrdinals, Bitcoin Association, Centbee, HandCash, and more

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On this “Ask me Anything” episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, host Kurt Wuckert Jr. spoke predominantly about 1SatOrdinals, saying the ordinals protocol is “super-hot.” He says, “People are very excited about this concept of collectibles or artifacts on 1SatOrdinals on BSV.” He believes there’s an interesting opportunity for interoperability due to a crossover between developers building on both BSV’s 1Sat and BTC’s Ordinals.

As Wuckert mentioned, partaking in the 1Sat economy to date includes HandCash, Take It NFT, former FYX Gaming CTO David Case, and But what excites him the most is the decision made by all developers on 1Sat to use interlocking interoperable protocols from top to bottom.

“We’re finally at the point where it seems like everybody wants to cooperate so that everybody’s apps can interoperate with everything else, which is like how the internet works,” he states.

Several questions revolved around 1Sat, with one viewer asking if Twetch and RelayX would be the last ones to support the BSV Ordinals. Wuckert first commends RelayX for their work on BTC ordinals, as he says, they “made a killing, facilitating the minting, sending receiving and trading of all the audibles” on the protocol. Wuckert admits that he has partaken in a few original BTC items simply because he is a fan of art. However, he is calling on Twetch and RelayX with a summon:

“Which of you guys is going to be last on 2Sat Ordinals because we’re doing some really cool stuff, and for the first time ever, basically all of the wallets and stuff are looking to interoperate with one token protocol on BSV.”

Wuckert was also keen to comment on recent news concerning Bruce Reinhart, the presiding judge in the Kleiman v Wright case. Reinhart has issued Dr. Craig Wright an order to provide his financial records to W&K Info Defence LLC, which is believed to be controlled by Ira Kleiman. This development raises people’s eyebrows as “the ownership of W&K is still debatable,” Wuckert asserts. Furthermore, Wuckert is keen to point out that the integrity of Bruce Reinhart, a close friend and confidant of convicted sex offender and financier Jeffrey Epstein, is questionable.

“Every time I see a Bruce Rinehart signature on anything, I’m always reminded of our dear friend Jeffrey EpsteinBruce Reinhart is not one to be trusted or respected, in my opinion,” he said.

Several companies in the BSV ecosystem were also put in the spotlight as queries from the audience called for updates. Wuckert was quick to throw in a shout-out to some people working in the Bitcoin Association, saying, “They’re doing some pretty good outreach.. and I’ve heard some whispers of some announcements coming.”

Another shoutout goes to Bryan Daugherty, who recently assumed a position at the BSV Technical Standards Committee. As Wuckert comments, “I can think of almost no better person. Brian is another guy who deserves a massive shout-out.”

Talks on Centbee’s voucher system and HandCash’s Amazon gift cards were also briefly discussed. Wuckert spoke highly about Centbee, saying, “If they’re adding even more stuff on ramp, off ramp, I’m all for it; Centbee Guys are really cool. They are the quiet builders with a really stable wallet.” As for HandCash’s new product, Wuckert says he hasn’t tried it but encourages people to do so.

“I imagine it works really well. I have never seen HandCash release something that didn’t work out smooth as butter or, since they’re green, maybe smooth as avocado spread,” he comments.

Watch more of Wuckert as he shares his views on everything BSV-related on this week’s CoinGeek Weekly Livestream.

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