CoinGeek RoundTable Episode 2 delves into Bitcoin and the Internet

YouTube video

The second episode of the CoinGeek RoundTable will premiere on August 4—and like the previous episode, the session will give viewers a peek inside the minds of entrepreneurs, software developers, and experts in the Bitcoin SV (BSV) ecosystem. 

In this episode, Kurt Wuckert Jr. shares the virtual RoundTable with TonicPow co-founder and CEO Luke Rohenaz, Maxthon/NBDomain CEO Jeff Chen, and TrueReviews co-founder and CEO Connor Murray to discuss “How Bitcoin Fixes the Internet.”

Pioneers of the Metanet 

“People always say ‘Bitcoin fixes this,’ but they don’t explain why or how,” Wuckert Jr. said. “In episode 2, I was excited to get into some of the ways BSV is fixing the broken internet with three guys who are blazing paths with their unique businesses that can only exist because of bitcoin.”

Each guest on this episode of the RoundTable belongs to a Bitcoin company that is leading the way when it comes to bringing the Metanet to fruition.

Rohenaz’s TonicPow brings advertisers and promoters together to make voluntary agreements, instead of operating like the current internet does, shoving unwanted advertisements onto consumers’ feeds.

Murray’s TrueReviews is looking to use Bitcoin to fix the problem with online reviews by tying online reviews to a valid proof of purchase.

And Chen’s Maxthon 6 as well as NBDomain aim to re-invent the internet through Bitcoin, using the BSV blockchain to fix the centralization, consumer data, and consumer privacy problems that plague today’s internet.

The group covers a range of topics, such as why Bitcoin is a great tool for re-inventing the internet, how each company is using Bitcoin, and when these Bitcoin pioneers will say “Bitcoin successfully solved this problem.”

The second episode of the CoinGeek RoundTable premieres on August 4. Until then, we recommend you take a look at the preview to see what we have in store for you!

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