How Maxthon’s Bitcoin-based NBDomain will save you money

Maxthon—the 20-year-old web browser—is solving the problem that many website owners or would-be website owners face: the expiry and ownership issues that come with owning a domain.

Have you ever tried to buy a domain, maybe ‘your name dot com,’ only to learn that somebody else already owns it? Or even worse, that someone has purchased it and is not actively using it? Maxthon has come up with a solution to that problem that will be available to everyone in their Maxthon 6 upgrade—that solution is NBDomain.

What is NBDomain?

NBDomain is a Bitcoin-based solution to the DNS problems many people face. On NBDomain, users can permanently register a domain via the blockchain. The domain that they register is tied to their Bitcoin wallet address; ownership, as well as any content created under/hosted at that domain, is recorded to the BSV blockchain.

Beyond registering a domain, NBDomain users can add subdomains, update their subdomains, trade domains, and assign administrators to the domain. The Maxthon team hopes that NBDomain will be adopted by many sites in the future, allowing NBDomain to serve as a Global ID—similar to how websites allow you to sign up and get up and running on their platforms by simply connecting your Gmail or Facebook account. 

The advantages of NBDomain

Several advantages come with registering a domain on the blockchain rather than registering your domain traditionally. When you register your domain on the blockchain, it is permanent; this means that you do not need to renew your domain year after year. As a result, registering your domain on the blockchain will bring you significant cost savings. When you do not need to spend money on renewing your domain and hosting, that money can go toward other areas of your business.

How do I register a site via NBDomain?

NBDomain is currently in alpha testing but will be available to everyone soon via Maxthon browser when Maxthon 6 is released. However, if you would like to be part of the Alpha testing, you can register your test-NBDomain here.

If you are looking to learn more, or are having trouble during the alpha test, we recommend checking out this in-depth tutorial on NBDomain and its features or getting in touch with the NBDomain team via Twitter or Telegram.

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