Businesses work together to build Bitcoin SV

CoinGeek Live Day 3: Businesses work together to build Bitcoin SV

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If there’s a theme that emerged from the three days of the CoinGeek Live conference, it could be “working together.” 

Whether it’s companies within the Bitcoin SV (BSV) ecosystem joining forces ( and Money Button, Handcash and Centi, TAAL and nChain) or BSV entrepreneurs reaching out into the big wide world, there’s been a sense of businesses, after developing their own expertise, realising they can have more impact by working with partners, to their mutual benefit. 

When that happens it can divert existing revenue streams, already flowing happily in the non-BSV economy, through BSV-based businesses and products—making use of all the advantages that have been so convincingly described at the conference. 

It’s the equivalent of that time in the growth of the consumer Internet when startup businesses began to attract revenue from profitable big businesses, rather than just, as was said at the time, “taking in each other’s laundry”—using their generous venture capital funding to buy advertising on each other’s unprofitable websites—an unsustainable state of affairs.

Now we see EHR Data tapping into the massive U.S. healthcare industry, gaming businesses offering solutions to long-standing inefficiencies in that massive sector and IoT entrepreneurs using BSV to organise, monetize and make sense of all the data that’s already being collected.

The final day of the conference, opening with an in-depth look at gaming, vividly demonstrating these themes. Matt Dickson from BitBoss, for instance, said that having a single transparent platform that customers, regulators and businesses can use is “what people have been searching for in gaming for 20 years.” 

Matt’s two fellow panelists from gambling businesses looked like they were ready to welcome BSV solutions with open arms. Stephen Crystal, CEO of SCCG Management talked about the cost and complexity of satisfying the requirements of regulators. With the kind of BSV platform that Matt is developing, he said, they could give regulators access to the system, “so they could do it themselves.”

While gambling can take place either digitally or in person at a casino, the esports businesses is completely digital and equally open to BSV innovation. Unikrn describes itself as “the most comprehensive platform for betting on esports and video games in the world.” Its co-founder and CEO Rahul Sood talked about how players can connect their Fortnite or League of Legends accounts to Unikrn and bet against their own play: “it’s like a skills-based slot machine in your home.” While Rahul said that Unikrn currently accepts multiple currencies, he was “impressed with the BSV tech team.” If he can build a bridge between BSV and those massive games, it will electrify the whole ecosystem. 

A final area in which connections were being made with existing industries was described towards the end of the day when Richard Baker from Geospock explained how his business is integrating IoT data sources, starting with incompatible systems that are operating in ‘smart cities’. There are apparently 20,000 such cities around the world and Geospock is already working with 70 in the U.K. As if to prove the idea of ‘working together’, Geospock and nChain announced a partnership that will allow Geospock to grow faster and integrate BSV more easily. 

With all those connections being made, CoinGeek Live itself has connected the world over the past three days. It’s been a triumph of production with almost a hundred speakers all presenting live—many slipping in words of praise for the behind-the-scenes teams in London and New York. See you at the next CoinGeek conference!  

Watch CoinGeek Live 2020 Day 3 here.

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