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CoinGeek Bitcade hits London, next up December 7

November 9, 2022 marked the launch of the CoinGeek Bitcade brand in London, a concept that was kicked off in Miami, followed by a stop-off in Warsaw and now making its mark in one of the main hubs for the BSV blockchain ecosystem.

The purpose of this event is to educate early adopters about frictionless commerce while using video games as the delivery platform to showcase the power of micropayments technology. The event is also open to gamers themselves, to SHOW vs. TELL how blockchain technology can “superpower” the activity they love most—playing games.

“We believe that Bitcoin changes the way we play games, we believe in incentivizing gaming,” said Alex Moon, Head of Marketing for CoinGeek and one of the Founders of the Bitcade brand.

“The way in which we do that is by creating an interactive experience that showcases the most engaging games, allowing you to earn while playing,” he added.

The idea for the Bitcade was born right around the time BTC Miami took place, a time during which Moon and Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. were looking to do an activation to showcase Bitcoin with micropayments.

​​“We considered a number of options and looked at an array of BSV business and it dawned on us with the likes of Haste, DuroDogs, CryptoFights and others that there were a lot of games being built on BSV,” Moon said.

“So we decided that we should do a games evening and built the concept around an 80s Arcade event. This is where we ran the first CoinGeek Bitcade in April in Miami at the Broken Shaker,” he said.

Fast forward to today and now on its third instalment, the CoinGeek Bitcade has picked up steam around the world with plans to host events throughout the year in London, Miami and Manila, all BSV blockchain hubs.

For the first Bitcade in London, the night went down like this—guests were welcomed from 6 p.m. with wine, beer and dozens of Franco Manca pizzas, with an opportunity to try out Haste Arcade’s Monsterbombs, Jump and Satorunner as well as DuroDogs throughout the evening. General networking, a chilled vibe, selfies and lots of laughs were also on the agenda.

While it’s been mentioned several times that London is a BSV blockchain hub, the focus of the CoinGeek Bitcade is not BSV Blockchain, rather the focus is having fun while socializing and playing games in a new way.

“I think the concept behind the Bitcade is extremely valuable in the sense that it focuses on gaming first, and blockchain/crypto second,” shared Joe DePinto, CMO of Haste Arcade.

“The Bitcade gives people a physical thing they are already familiar with, an arcade, and attaches blockchain to it, without the end user needing to understand or learn about blockchain if they don’t want to,” he added.

According to DePinto, Haste is excited to be a part of the Bitcade because not only does it give them exposure, but it also gives them perspective on what a potential Haste Arcade could look like in the future.

Being a part of the Bitcade does not stop with Haste Arcade, however. There are a number of ways to get involved with the Bitcade and as the brand builds a following here in London, there are a plenty of reasons why partnering could help your business.

“We believe that this event is a great way for business who have built games to meet potential users as well as investors,” said Moon.

“What we are doing is curating and inviting people from the gaming world and investment world to the event to see how and what they have built to understand the power the nanopayments of BSV give to gaming applications. We are also inviting people and advertising to people that just love games to come along and play the games,” he confirmed.

There are sponsorship opportunities available for game operators such as sponsoring a TV and options such as food and drink partner for businesses who wish to raise brand awareness. CoinGeek welcomes any business interested in supporting or sponsoring a Bitcade to email Alex Moon at [email protected] for more information.

The next London CoinGeek Bitcade will be on December 7, we hope to see you there!

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