CoinGeek Backstage with Muhammad Salman Anjum

CoinGeek Backstage with Muhammad Salman Anjum: We’ve put BSV on the map in the Middle East

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The Middle East has emerged as one of the regions with the fastest-growing adoption of Bitcoin SV and the success of this year’s BSV Global Blockchain Convention was proof of this growth. Muhammad Salman Anjum has played a key part in this adoption, and as he told CoinGeek Backstage, he’s only getting started.

Anjum is the Chief Mate at InvoiceMate, an invoicing solution powered by BSV blockchain. When he founded the startup, he built it on Hyperledger Fabric, a private data ledger, before eventually migrating to the infinitely-scaling Bitcoin SV.

Anjum settled on BSV “once I realized that this is the real blockchain and this is exactly what governments and enterprises need for gaming and NFT solutions,” he told CoinGeek Backstage host Jon Southurst.

“Low cost, high throughput, bigger blocks – BSV can serve a lot of enterprise needs,” he added.

Anjum is also the head of the BSV Hub in Dubai, a position he has held for the past year. He revealed that he has been working with government officials, regulators, academia, developers, startups, and enterprises to foster the adoption of BSV.

In his position, Anjum is in charge of South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, a region that extends from Morocco to Bangladesh. This region comprises of 27 countries and is home to a third of the global population. To better discharge his duties, he has been focusing on three countries for now—Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan. In all three, there has been rapid adoption of the BSV blockchain by governments, universities, enterprises, and more.

With the BSV Hub, Anjum has been offering extensive support to startups and enterprises who want to learn about integrating BSV into their operations.

In the course of his work, Anjum has met with some of the most high-profile leaders and dignitaries in the Middle East. However, for him, the focus is purely on bringing the masses to BSV, he told CoinGeek Backstage.

“I would love for people to be seeing the results of these [high-level meetings]. I’m more keen about bringing [about] the adoption of BSV in the region,” Anjum said.

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