CoinGeek Backstage: Paul Rajchgod and David Grider

The second episode of CoinGeek Backstage has just been released on Streamanity!

In this episode, Kurt Wuckert Jr. interviews Paul Rajchgod, managing director of private equity at Ayre Group, while I had the chance to talk to David Grider, lead digital strategist at Fundstrat.

In the first part of the episode, you will see Kurt interview Rajchgod—the two explore a variety of topics that revolve around Rajchgod’s role in the Bitcoin ecosystem as a venture capitalist. 

Rajchgod gives the audience a lot of insight on the role a VC plays and how it differs from a company bootstrapping itself, why the investing rounds in the digital currency ecosystem tend to be smaller than the investment rounds in other industries, and which stage in a company’s journey that Ayre Group is interested in investing at, as well as why they are particularly interested in investing at that particular stage.

In the second part of the episode, David Grider discusses the investment environment in the digital currency markets, how no-coiners and newcomers are approaching investing in the digital currency industry, whether the majority of institutional investment and venture capital is going to companies working at the protocol layer or companies working on the application layer, and whether Grider and the team at Fundstrat are seeing more retail investors or institutional investors investing in digital currencies at the moment.

The Jimmy Nguyen and George Gilder episode

Did you see last week’s episode of CoinGeek Backstage? In Episode one, Kurt interviews Jimmy Nguyen and you learn more about what Jimmy does in the Bitcoin ecosystem as the founding president of the Bitcoin Association.

In the second half of Episode one, George Gilder and I talk about why he is an original gangster futurist, why the world is interested in digitizing processes and putting them on the blockchain, how to make dreams into reality. George also discusses the sectors of tech that he has his eye on at the moment and why he thinks those areas of the technology industry are bound to revolutionize the world. 

You can watch episode one here: 

The full schedule

In the CoinGeek Backstage series, Kurt and I interview many individuals in the Bitcoin ecosystem and go behind the scenes to learn more about what they are working on, why they are working towards solving that problem, and how Bitcoin plays a role in their solution(s). 

A new episode of CoinGeek Backstage will be released on Streamanity every Tuesday until January 19.

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