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CoinGeek Backstage: Jimmy Nguyen and George Gilder

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On November 24, the very first episode of CoinGeek backstage premieres on Streamanity. Episode 1 contains two unique interviews: Kurt Wuckert Jr. sat down with Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen for a quick chat; and I talked to economist, writer, investor and technology visionary George Gilder.

Topics of discussion

In Kurt’s interview, you will learn more about what Jimmy does in the Bitcoin ecosystem as President of the Bitcoin Association and you will hear Jimmy give a shout out a few people that make the CoinGeek conferences such a success.

In my interview with George Gilder, you will learn more about why George is an original gangster futurist, why the world is interested in digitizing processes and putting them on the blockchain, how to make your dreams into reality, as well as the sectors of tech that George has his eye on at the moment and why he thinks those areas of the technology industry are bound to revolutionize the world. 

More to come

In the CoinGeek Backstage series, Kurt and I interview many individuals in the Bitcoin ecosystem and go behind the scenes to learn more about what they are working on, why they are working towards solving that problem, and how Bitcoin plays a role in their solution(s). 

Episode one of CoinGeek Backstage will be the first of many episodes in this series; from November 24th to January 19th a new episode will be released every Tuesday. 

If you are wondering who was interviewed, or the publishing dates for each episode, you can find the full list and the episode publishing dates below:



Jimmy Nguyen + George Gilder

Nov. 24

Jackson Laskey + Zach Resnick

Dec. 1

Paul Rajchgod + David Grider

Dec. 8

Dr. Robert Huber + Philip Runyan

Dec. 15

Luke Rohenaz + Connor Murray

Dec. 22

Derrick Horton + Steven Zeiler

Dec. 29

Jason Urban + Joshua Lim + Joshua Ashley Klayman     

Jan. 5

Matt Dickson + Alex Shore

Jan. 12

Ed Andrewes + Philip Runyan

Jan. 19

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