Circle Invest adds Bitcoin SV to portfolio

Circle Invest adds Bitcoin SV to portfolio

Bitcoin SV (BSV) has a new, easy method to get started with Bitcoin as it was originally intended by Satoshi. Circle Invest, an app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, has announced in a tweet the addition of BSV as one of its investment options.

After the contentions Bitcoin BCH hard fork that saw BSV reborn as the only Bitcoin to stick to the principles of what digital currency should be, Circle Invest announced they would suspend all trading of both sides of the fork until they could determine the viability of each coin. Ria Bhutoria, the lead analyst at Circle Research, wrote at the time that if there would be “strong market demand for BCHSV, major exchanges and wallets could eventually roll out support for it.”

That strong market demand is clearly evident, as more miners have opted to stick with BSV. As the only coin that can massively scale on chain, and with 64MB blocks and bigger to come, it provides for low transaction fees and fast transactions.

This move to open investment for BSV gives Circle customers their 13th option when deciding on their crypto investments. As Dr. Craig Wright, one of the leaders in BSV development has noted, one of the primary goals at the moment is to continue to drive adoption. In doing so, Circle Invest customers with BSV in their portfolio can expect increased profits.

Investment is a great way to get started in investing in crypto; however, BSV is digital currency, as laid out by the original Satoshi Vision, and is meant to be used as such. Several wallets and exchanges are now supporting BSV. CentBeeHandCash, Electron Cash, Atomic and Guarda are now allowing users to store and send their BSV, while Raisex is the latest exchange to open up a BSV pair.

It’s getting easier every day to get started on using and owning BSV. As more businesses and end users recognize the potential and ease of use in BSV, it will continue to grow and fatten up those Circle Invest portfolios.

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