Bitcoin SV continues to find support in the crypto space

Bitcoin SV continues to find support in the crypto space

In the aftermath of the Bitcoin BCH hard fork, that saw Bitcoin SV (BSV) emerge to continue the original plan for cryptocurrency, those who understand the currency’s importance have been a little concerned about whether or not it would be accepted. Those fears have been allayed by an almost constant adoption of support by exchanges and applications around the world. Now, there are two more entities that have made the smart decision to provide support for BSV. 

The first is the Raisex exchange. Raisex, located in Malta, is registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority. It announced in a Twitter post this past Tuesday that it had added support for BSV, tweeting, “We are glad to announce that #BITCOINSV #BSV is listed in Raisex with this pair go to trade now…” Raisex is one of the few exchanges that constantly monitors crypto prices and removes those that don’t perform above a certain threshold in any given month. 

The Guarda wallet now supports BSV, as well. In a tweet from last week, the company stated, “Wow, @BitcoinSVNode what a growth, really impressive! To keep up with you, we have updated our wallets to make your $BSV experience even better! Thank you [for] your feedback and, as always, keep your #crypto coins safe with @GuardaWallet.” Guarda offers accesses to wallets, including a desktop version, a mobile version, a web wallet and a Chrome extension. The company is based in the European Union and is licensed with the Financial Intelligence Unit of the European Commission.

Guarda also provides the ability for users to convert BCH tokens to BSV. Within the wallet itself, users can create a BCHSV wallet and then, by importing the private key from the user’s BCH wallet, have the BCH deposits converted to BSV. 

Since we’re on the subject of BSV wallets, there are a few more options available, as well. CentBee and HandCash are probably the most familiar, but Electron Cash and Atomic are also decent options. 

BSV is still evolving and continues to show signs of improvement among the top digital currencies. While market activity has slowed drastically as the year draws to a close, 2019 is going to bring a number of positive changes and BSV is going to be leading the pack, determined to show the world what a true cryptocurrency is meant to be. 

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