China has reawakened to the Bitcoin promise with BSV: Jimmy Nguyen

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China has been a world leader in technology uptake, especially with Bitcoin SV (BSV). The country has taken to BSV extremely fast, with the interest from developers, enterprises and investors soaring in the past six months. Therefore, the BSV China conference was a crucial event for this community. CoinGeek’s Stephanie Tower caught up with Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, who shared his thoughts on the event, the future of BSV and other upcoming events.

On why China, Nguyen explained, “China is one of the leading countries for Bitcoin SV development. It’s been exploding over the last six months. We’ve gotten requests from developers, businesses and even investors here in China who are interested in BSV, who want to build on BSV, who believe in Craig Wright and the Satoshi Vision.”

The event was put up on short notice, but this didn’t keep the BSV community away. They flocked to the event to witness the creator of Bitcoin, Dr. Craig Wright, talk about his vision for Bitcoin and be part of the famous fireside chat. Lise Li, the Bitcoin Association manager for China was in charge of organizing the event.

China has always been pro-blockchain. However, as Nguyen witnessed with this event, it’s not business as usual. He remarked:

There’s been an amazing awakening. There’s a realization since BSV emerged that this is the Bitcoin everyone’s been waiting for. It’s the Bitcoin that was promised by the Satoshi whitepaper, that was not delivered by BTC. We have reawakened a huge sleeping dragon with BSV.

And as he has done severally in the past, Nguyen reminded the attendees that it’s time to build. BSV has provided them with the tools to finally create blockchain-powered applications that can scale massively and they must take advantage of this. With the Genesis protocol upgrade in February, the scalability will become unlimited and as such, there has never been a better time to build on Bitcoin.

Nguyen further lauded the BSV community in China, stating that it has been amazing “how much people here get that magical it, the magical understanding,” even before he and Dr. Wright stepped on stage.

Developers should get really excited this year, as the Bitcoin Association will be launching a developer training curriculum. More details on this will be forthcoming during the CoinGeek London conference in February. And there’s more, he revealed.

“I’ll be the first to say it here. We’re launching two Bitcoin Association DevCons (developer conferences), the first in San Francisco which will be in the summer in 2020 and one in China,” Nguyen said.

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