CoinGeek Conference to ignite the Bitcoin world at London’s Old Billingsgate

The CoinGeek Conference series is returning to London on 20-21 February 2020, and will celebrate Bitcoin’s return to the original protocol with its Genesis hard fork which will have taken place a few weeks prior. CoinGeek has now announced the venue, with the big event to take place at London’s Old Billingsgate.

This second CoinGeek London conference comes just two weeks after BSV’s February 4 hard fork, which will see its protocol restored as closely as possible to the original Bitcoin design, as set out by Satoshi Nakamoto. As BSV usage continues to increase, this will allow the blockchain to continue to scale to the needs of the world while guaranteeing a stable protocol for developers to build enterprise level applications on.

This conference will feature new presentations from Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen as well as nChain Chief Scientist & Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig S. Wright. Every CoinGeek Conference so far, from Hong Kong to London to Toronto to Seoul, has offered revelatory talks from these two men, inspiring the Bitcoin world to go forward and do incredible new things. “It’s very exciting to see Dr. Craig Wright and we have learned much, especially about BSV,” said Xiaoyan Wang, a Beijing software engineer, on the sidelines of the CoinGeek Conference in Seoul. “All the developers in the community, they have contributed a lot and the future of BSV is very inspiring.” 

Some of those new things have been announced at CoinGeek conferences as well. These events have had memorable moments like the crowning of hackathon champions, the unveiling of new technology like Paymail in Toronto, and the announcement of Korean mobile music content service BUSKON in Seoul. As Yong Park, founder of Korea blockchain investor group Blockin, tells us: “Korea Blockchain Week is a little bit not concentrate, not professional, but this one [CoinGeek Conference] is professional, also this is most knowledgeable about the blockchain and crypto industry.”

CoinGeek Conference is also one of the best places for developers to gather and share their ideas with each other, focusing on the fundamentals of how to improve their applications and the Bitcoin ecosystem. “Other conferences, they just pitch ICO and shitcoins, I think this is a very high quality conference with a lot of technical content so I learned a lot,” angel investor Tony Tong said.

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