BSV Virtual Meetup makes its way to the Americas on March 4

Bitcoin Association is making its way to the Americas for the second installment of this year’s Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup on March 4.

The Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup – THE AMERICAS will take place at 6 p.m. EST on March 4. The meetup will feature several Bitcoin businesses and their team members who are at the forefront of innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystem, and they will explore some of the most popular topics and concepts in the space right now.

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen will be joined by Fabriik’s Lead Bitcoin Developer Miguel Duarte and Senior Bitcoin Developer Mauro Lewinzon. The two will dive into Fabriik’s Simple Fabriik Protocol for tokens—the protocol used to launch Shua Coin and Ape Token, the first token on the Bitcoin network that gives its holders membership and voting rights in the Gorilla DAO.

Then, Attila Aros, CTO of MatterCloud and director of TonicPow, will speak about Non-Fungible Tokens & Digital Assets Backed by Bitcoin—two hot topics in the greater blockchain ecosystem.

Zachary Weiner, founder of VXPASS, will take the stage after Aros and will be speaking to the audience about the digital vaccine verification app that he has created. 

Lastly, Connor Murray, co-founder and CEO of Britevue as well as the content specialist for Bitcoin SV Academy, will talk about Britevue, the Bitcoin-powered online review platform that was formerly known as TrueReviews. Murray will also give the audience more information about Bitcoin SV Academy

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In the last few weeks, there has been a wave of innovation on the Bitcoin Protocol. Fabriik’s launch of the Simple Fabriik Token protocol opened the floodgates for innovation around tokenization. Twetch’s launch of Twetch Hats, the first NFTs launched over the Bitcoin blockchain, has led to numerous discussions and plans from others to launch NFTs.

Fortunately, there will be individuals speaking at the Bitcoin Association meetup that have vast knowledge on both subjects, as well as a majority of the trending topics in Bitcoin. That being said, you will not want to miss this upcoming meetup.

You can register for the Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup – The Americas on the Bitcoin Association website.

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