BSV is ready for the world’s business. Are you?

BSV is ready for the world’s business. Are you?

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Since Bitcoin was revitalized in November 2018 in the form of Bitcoin SV (BSV), the Bitcoin world hasn’t been short of amazing. The recent months have proven that by following Satoshi’s original plan of keeping a stable protocol as we focus on the roadmap towards secure, massive on chain scaling, we are opening a world of incredible new possibilities—as we work towards enabling the world’s new money.

In October, we announced Tokenized, which creates customizable smart contract system for Bitcoin SV, as the winner of our £5M contest for Bitcoin Token Solutions. This project, created by James Belding, Samuel Georges, Scott Barr, Farid Uddeen, and Brendan Lee, proves that Satoshi’s original vision for Bitcoin undeniably works, because they used resources only made available through massive scaling, and not through further protocol changes.

We’ve already seen that because Bitcoin SV offers unlimited possibilities, it’s created a Cambrian explosion of creativity and innovation. Now, we’re on the next step. That of creating businesses and industries powered by Bitcoin SV. I know people have bright ideas of how to do that, and they just might need a little support to make it a reality.

Bitcoin, after all, is not just the future of money—it’s the future of business.

I’ve said it before but it merits repeating. 2019 will be a year of massive on-chain scaling, and that’s already proving to be true. Bitcoin SV has already proven it can sustain 64MB blocks, 103MB blocks, and now regularly mines 128MB blocks, with plans to reach 500MB by the mid-year, and between 1GB and 2GB blocks by the end of the year. The protocol has already proven that scaling on chain has to come first, and application developers and users will flow in to fill it.

Now, I want to plan the next step, and get the world’s new businesses kick-started. If you’re ready for the new world of Bitcoin, let us know, and we’ll get to that next step together.

Celebrate the renewed life of Bitcoin, and all the developments happening with Bitcoin SV, with all the world leaders in on-chain scaling at the CoinGeek Toronto conference on May 29-30. This is the third conference I’ve done, and this time, the special focus is on massive on-chain scaling—the one area where people supporting these other technologies that don’t work are very confused about.

On-chain scaling gives the confidence to enterprises and start-ups to aim their application development at that network which is going to stimulate the transaction volume that’s necessary to attract the security. At the end of the day, just like there’s no need to be two internets, there will only be one platform. And that platform has to, by definition, be the one that scales.

CoinGeek Toronto, which will take place at the Carlu, will welcome new faces as well as familiar names to the global stage, alongside BSV leaders such as nChain’s Dr. Craig Wright and Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen. And of course, to celebrate, there’ll be one of my famous after-parties—the likes of which Toronto has not yet seen!

For full details and to reserve tickets to CoinGeek Toronto, register here. If you’re ready for the new world of Bitcoin, let us know, and we’ll get to that next step together.

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