Bitstocks CEO Michael Hudson: “Dr Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto”

Bitstocks CEO Michael Hudson: ‘Dr. Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto’

The true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is might be a matter of fierce discussion for many, and for others, it just doesn’t matter so long as Bitcoin follows his vision. For Michael Hudson, CEO of Bitstocks, the endless hate speech aimed at nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright has become too much, and he’s ready to say the man is indeed Satoshi.

There’s many factors that lead him to declare this. First of all, looking at the original Bitcoin whitepaper, it can’t be more clear that it is not just a description of a new digital currency, but a roadmap for a new world economy. Hudson writes, “It holds qualities and capabilities that result from combining principles from a variety of sciences, including biology and mathematics.” A man of many disciplines, like Dr. Wright, is uniquely qualified to have written such a beautiful document, Hudson argues.

That thought process follows to the nature of Bitcoin, now championed by Bitcoin SV (BSV). It’s not just a store of value, as the hijackers of Bitcoin Core (BTC) might argue. It was originally set out to be a storage and exchange of basically anything. That’s the world changing promise it made, that got so many excited when Bitcoin first gained popularity. Asset stores don’t quite elicit the same response.

Hudson follows that thread and then turns to what the BTC crowd had done to Satoshi’s vision. By twisting the protocol into being something it was never meant to be, and restricting its growth, they committed acts that would have surely angered Satoshi. It follows then, that the anger Dr. Wright has shown at times, when challenged, questioned or trolled on Twitter, is perfectly in line with what Satoshi would have felt. Hudson comments:

“If I was the person who created this beautiful thing and had to sit back for so many years watching others I trusted fuck it up so dramatically, I too would have a few choice words when they insisted on relentlessly attacking my character, qualifications, knowledge and intentions.”

Many might not want to believe in Dr. Wright because he’s not always the nice guy. What they might struggle to admit though is, people who change the world in a revolutionary way seldom are. If you look at the facts, the original vision for Bitcoin, and the type of person who would have created that vision, the answers start to become clear. As Hudson concludes, “I’m more than confident to categorically state there’s more than sufficient evidence to support Dr Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto.”

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