Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup APAC

Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup APAC is coming up—are you registered?

The Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup is returning to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. On April 8, the virtual event will shine the spotlight on the some of the great projects that have emerged in the region.

The meetup, hosted by Bitcoin Association, held its first APAC-focused event in September 2020, with Founding President Jimmy Nguyen and nChain CTO Steve Shadders hosting the event. Bitcoin Association’s regional manager for China, Lise Li, and Southeast Asia, Ella Qiang, also joined the event, which highlighted the Bitcoin SV Hackathon submissions and explored projects including MyPaymailSend and Profitsilo.

Qiang will once again grace the event and will be joined by other thought leaders and developers in the Bitcoin space. They include Aaron Zhou, BA’s technical outreach specialist for China, who will talk about the association’s progress in the country. Mempool CEO and DotWallet founder Lin Zheming will talk about his company’s Bitcoin-as-a-service (BaaS) model and badge token protocol.

RelayX founder Jack Liu will also be at the virtual event to talk about REX, the first trustless, non-custodial, peer-to-peer decentralized exchange. REX launched on March 11—with SHUA coin being the first token listed—and has attracted great interest from the Bitcoin ecosystem. Liu will also delve into the RUN protocol.

Elas Digital CEO Brendan Lee and Faiā MD George Samuels will talk about the Tuvalu National Digital Ledger Project, the first national ledger of its kind, built on Bitcoin SV.

The most recent Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup focused on the Americas, shining a spotlight on the many companies building Bitcoin products in both North and South America. These included Canada-based Fabriik along with U.S. based companies MatterCloud, VXPass, Britevue and Beaxy Exchange. Hosted by Jimmy Nguyen, it also dived into the recent developments in the Bitcoin ecosystem, including the launch of Unbounded Enterprise’s BSV2048, Bitcoin’s first NFTs on Twetch and the launch of ShuaCoin.

You can register to attend the Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup (APAC) here for free.

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