Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup - THE AMERICAS - Mar 2021 | Highlights

Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup – The Americas featured Beaxy Exchange, Fabriik, MatterCloud, Britevue, VXPass

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Bitcoin Association held the second Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup of the year on March 4, this time focusing on the Americas and featuring several Bitcoin companies located throughout North and South America, including Chicago-based Beaxy Exchange, Toronto-based Fabriik, in addition to a smattering of U.S.-based businesses, including MatterCloud, Britevue, and VXPass.

The meetup opened with Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen reviewing some recent developments in Bitcoin, including the launch of the very first non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Bitcoin via Twetch, Unbounded Enterprise’s launch of BSV2048, the debut of ShuaCoin, and the launch of the Bitcoin Association job board.

Afterwards, Nguyen was joined by Jay Abott, the director and co-president of Beaxy exchange. Beaxy exchange is a U.S. compliant, FinCEN registered, digital currency exchange with low fees and the tools that allow digital currency traders to profitably trade.

Abbott explained the benefits that Beaxy exchange users experience and gave the audience an update regarding what they can expect from Beaxy in the future, such as more fiat onramps, tools that are available to traders in the equities markets but scarce in digital currency, and more.

The audience seemed to really enjoy Abbott’s presentation, and a few audience members even admitted to signing up for the Beaxy exchange as Abbott presented.

Token talk!

Fabriik’s Lead Bitcoin Developer Miguel Duarte and Senior Bitcoin Developer Mauro Lewinzon took the virtual stage after Abbott. The two gave a presentation about Fabriik’s Simple Fabriik Protocol for tokens, and how it works under the hood. Duarte and Lewinzon went on to answer questions about the Money Button speed limit and told the audience what Fabriik is currently working on, such as easier ways to launch tokens and supporting the other token protocols that exist.

Following Fabriik’s presentation on tokens, Attila Aros, the CTO of MatterCloud and director of TonicPow took the stage to talk about NFTs. What I liked about Aros’s presentation is that he clearly had a strong understanding of NFTs that really spoke to the value an NFT has, an understanding that went beyond the ideas of digital art that lives on the blockchain.

Through MatterPool, Aros has already released super asset 10 (SA10) NFT smart contracts on Bitcoin, but he also announced that we will see a new release from him sometime this month and that he is currently looking for artists, creators, and developers to battle-test the pre-release beta version of his unreleased smart contracts.

Vaccine tracking on the blockchain

After Aros, Zachary Weiner, the founder of VXPass, introduced the audience to VXPASS, a vaccine tracking app that uses the Bitcoin blockchain. Weiner gave the audience a demonstration of how VXPASS works to showcase the benefits of having an on-chain solution for vaccines. He also went on to explain how the Bitcoin Computer protocol created by Dr. Clemens Ley played a crucial role in the creation of VXPass.


Connor Murray, co-founder and CEO of Britevue as well as a content specialist for Bitcoin SV Academy, gave the final presentation of the day. 

Murray talked about his role at BSV Academy, and the second online course, “Introduction to Bitcoin Theory” that the academy has launched. Murray encouraged the audience to take the course and said that no matter what skill level you are when it comes to Bitcoin, that you are bound to learn something.

Afterward, Murray talked about Britevue—previously known as TrueReviews—and announced that phase one of Britevue will be available in April. Murray says that there will be opportunities to earn a lot of Bitcoin in its opening phases, so you are going to want to join Britevue to take advantage of that.

Murray also announced that Britevue is looking for a front-end developer, so be on the lookout for a job listing from Britevue on the Bitcoin Association job board, or reach out to Murray directly if you believe you are a good fit for the job!

More meetups to come

The Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup – the Americas is the second Bitcoin Association virtual meetup to take place in 2021. If you missed the first two meetups of the year, you should not worry because there are more to come!

You can learn more about the Bitcoin Association virtual meetups, as well as when they are taking place, on the Bitcoin Association website.

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