BSV2048: Giving the popular puzzle game a Bitcoin twist

Have you ever played the popular puzzle game 2048? Well, it now has a Bitcoin twist. BSV2048 is a new game that’s quickly becoming a hit with Bitcoiners globally. Launched by Unbounded Enterprise, it embraces the micropayment ability that only Bitcoin SV offers, allowing you to make money from your gaming prowess.

The original 2048, created in 2014, has gained over 40 million downloads globally. Users play the game for free, with the developers depending on ads and in-app purchases for revenue. Unbounded Enterprise, which is a sister company to Bitcoin SV-focused VC firm Unbounded Capital, takes a different approach with BSV2048.

We caught up with Jackson Laskey, the co-founder of Unbounded Capital who described BSV2048 as “one of the best ways to date to help people get their first Bitcoin.”

Getting started is easy; all you need is a HandCash wallet. Each new user gets free plays, with each providing an opportunity to get a high score, land on the leaderboard and earn your easiest Bitcoin. The game charges an entry fee for each game after the free plays. It comes in two tiers—the first charges a penny for the ‘beginners’ and the second, a dollar for the ‘pros.’

As Laskey told CoinGeek, BSV2048 is more than just a game—it’s proof of Unbounded Enterprise’s commitment to making it easier to build on Bitcoin. The Labs Division at Unbounded Enterprise was able to develop the game easily and cheaply, taking advantage of the vast tools available to developers, such as HandCash Connect.

“As cheap as BSV2048 was to build, our focus right now is on providing some of the services we wish we had currently for BSV2048 so that even smaller teams can do what we’ve done and more with even less investment,” he tells CoinGeek.

Paving the way for Bitcoin developers

In a blog post, Laskey stated that he believes the game’s biggest value will come from “its release as a template for making other games using Handcash Connect. His firm intends on releasing a simple app that shows developers “how to recreate what we’ve done and makes the developer experience as simple as possible.”

Unbounded Enterprise is committed to becoming a prominent player in the Bitcoin app development ecosystem. While it’s still a relatively new and small company, Laskey believes it will play a big role in proving the effectiveness of Bitcoin-powered apps in low stake ways. It also intends on developing analytics services for Bitcoin developers.

“Anyone struggling to get the analytics they want from their Bitcoin application is welcome to get in touch with us to learn more about what we are building and how we can make their lives easier.”

While he admits that tools that make it easier for developers to build Bitcoin apps are needed, Laskey sees this as just half of the challenge. “Development challenges are significant, but perhaps not as significant as the lack of adoption,” he observed.

At a time when ‘Bitcoin-as-a-service’ firms are rising, Laskey believes that they need to address the benefit of building Bitcoin apps first before focusing on lowering development costs.

“Accordingly, I’d definitely advise infrastructure companies to take a page out of our playbook with BSV2048 and to spend some of their time creating apps which have the potential to drive real adoption. The combination of these activities is what will turn Bitcoin into the app development mecca it ought to be.”

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