Bitcoin Association meetups in Scandinavia to focus on smart contracts

Bitcoin Association meetups in Scandinavia to focus on smart contracts

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The Bitcoin Association meetups are coming to Scandinavia. The meetups have become must-attend events for blockchain enthusiasts, in Bitcoin SV and beyond. This month, they’ll be held in the three Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The focus will be on smart contracts, an area which has become increasingly important in the blockchain industry, especially for businesses.

The meetups will be graced by some of the key figures in the Bitcoin community, led by Xiaohui Lui, the creator of sCrypt. sCrypt is a high-level language for creating smart contracts on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Lui will join the meetups via video to demonstrate to the attendants how to build on-chain smart contracts using sCrypt Studio. The Studio allows developers to program and test their applications online, facilitating responsive development in a dynamic environment.

The attendants will also get to hear from other projects that are solving real-world challenges using blockchain and Bitcoin, including KaChing Cards. The platform facilitates contactless Bitcoin payments with wearables, plastic cards and other IoT devices. The team behind BITacell will also be at the meetups. BITacell is a new startup accelerator that targets companies developing blockchain projects in the Nordic region.

The UNISOT team will also be at the meetups. The Norwegian company provides blockchain services for enterprises, targeting the supply chain. Stephan Nilsson, founder and CEO of UNISOT, has recently been named one of the Bitcoin Association’s ambassadors for Europe, representing Scandinavia. Nilsson, who brings over two decades of experience in developing ERP systems across Europe, is the founding president of the Norway Bitcoin and Blockchain Association and the co-founder of BITaccell.

The first meetup will be in Oslo on November 14. It will be held at the Startup Campus, starting at 6 p.m. The next meetups will be held on November 18 in Copenhagen and November 19 in Göteborg, with the venues set to be announced soon. There’ll also be meetups in Stockholm and Boden, with their dates and venue yet to be announced.

For all the blockchain enthusiasts in these countries, these are events you can’t afford to miss. Book your spot here and join other members of the BSV community to find out how smart contracts built on the BSV blockchain can advance your business.

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