Bitcoin Association announces European ambassadors

To further expand its reach in Europe, the Bitcoin Association has just appointed several European ambassadors who’ll enhance the growth of the true Bitcoin in a region that has become the epicenter of blockchain advancements.

Jimmy Nguyen, founding President of the Bitcoin Association, welcomed the ambassadors, remarking, “Our Ambassadors are leaders in their territory’s blockchain and technology industries, and their knowledge will further enhance BSV’s development as the global enterprise blockchain.”

The first is Stephan Nilsson who will represent Scandinavia. The founder and CEO of UNISOT, Stephan brings over two decades of experience in developing ERP systems across Europe. His company UNISOT offers enterprise blockchain services built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. He is the founding president of the Norway Bitcoin and Blockchain Association and the co-founder of Nordic blockchain startup accelerator, BITaccell.

Investment and venture capital guru Alexander Shulgin will represent Russia. Alexander is the founder and CEO of Gruppa Kompaniy Familia, an investment company with a focus on media and entertainment, advertisement, AI and blockchain technology. He is also a renowned music artist and producer. He has been a long-time blockchain enthusiast, and recently organized the Baikal Blockchain & Crypto Mining Summit in Irtkutsk, Russia.

Spain will be represented by Alex Agut, a well-known figure in the Bitcoin community. Alex is the CEO of HandCash, one of the most popular and easy-to-use Bitcoin wallets. A product designer and marketer by profession, Alex’s involvement in the Bitcoin world goes beyond HandCash. He previously worked in the AI division of Accenture España before delving fully into Bitcoin.

Germany will have two ambassadors: Josh Petty and Stefan Landrock. Josh is a popular figure in the BSV community, being the founder of Twetch, a revolutionary social media application built on the BSV blockchain. Twetch lets you earn for your social media activities, eliminating the need for the annoying ads found in other social media platforms.

Stefan, on the other hand, is the founder of, a website builder that seeks to simplify the work for creatives such as photographers and artists. He brings to the association over two decades’ worth of experience in web and application development, working for SPIEGEL Online and Deutsche Telekom, among others. Stefan is one of the founders of, an organization that seeks to help more people in Germany understand Bitcoin.

The European ambassadors have been appointed just a week after the Bitcoin Association revealed its ambassadors in the APAC region. The growth in the BSV community is immense and the new batch of ambassadors will help facilitate and accelerate it, ultimately helping BSV to cement its position as the world’s new money.

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