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sCrypt founder Xiaohui Liu sees potential in dev protocol for BSV smart contracts

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The creator of sCrypt, a high level language for creating smart contracts on Bitcoin SV (BSV), has said the protocol will make it easier for developers to build on BSV. Speaking at the recent CoinGeek Conference in Seoul, founder Xiaohui Liu unveiled the project to delegates, with a presentation demonstrating the platform in action.

sCrypt allows developers to access Bitcoin functionality without recourse to Bitcoin’s native programming language. According to Xiaohui Liu, Bitcoin’s native language has been a barrier to development, including on BSV, due to its complexity, which makes it difficult for even experienced coders to build.

In an interview with CoinGeek’s Stephanie Tower, Xiaohui Liu said the difficulty of understanding and utilizing Bitcoin’s programming language had meant fewer innovations and developments reaching users. With sCrypt, Liu said his aim is to encourage developers to build custom BSV smart contracts with greater ease, which he expects will contribute positively to the BSV community.

The response from developers has already been optimistic, with Liu describing initial feedback as “positive.” This was confirmed by developers at the CoinGeek Seoul Conference, who welcomed the project as an easier way of accessing BSV smart contract functionality.

Liu said Bitcoin was designed to be more than just a tool for the transfer of money. But with its native language “not easy” to understand or implement, many of the possible applications of the technology have yet to be successfully developed.

Liu said his aim was to help realize this original vision of Bitcoin, as expressed in the Satoshi whitepaper, which would allow easier access to more advanced transaction and contract types for developers.

Developers can access sCrypt online, without the need for download, thanks to the in-browser coding interface at This allows developers to program and test online on the fly, for more responsive development in a dynamic environment. With a graphical interface and SDK development underway, Liu said he expects the platform to make it substantially easier for developers to build on BSV.

His presentation was one of a number of new developments showcased at the CoinGeek Conference in Seoul, where developers gathered to learn about the latest innovations in BSV.

YouTube video

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