Alexander Shulgin: Bitcoin SV shares same vision with the enterprises

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Bitcoin SV (BSV) has been empowering businesses to build massively scalable applications that provide great value to their users without compromising on their security. This vision of a blockchain powered world is one that many enterprises have in common with BSV, and one that’s massively important according to Alexander Shulgin. The artist, who is now a blockchain investor, believes that only BSV can enable businesses to enjoy the full benefits of building on the blockchain.

“I think BSV is a perfect platform for the many solutions for enterprises,” Shulgin told CoinGeek’s Anna Mazur. He was speaking during the Future of Sports Conference, an event he had organized which was geared towards integrating blockchain technology with sports.

“Bitcoin has a vision, the Satoshi Vision. A lot of enterprises can share this vision, because the target for the enterprises, and for the BSV is the same,” he continued. “This is the most important point.”

Shulgin, a renowned Russian musician, composer and producer, has been a Bitcoin enthusiast for years now. Due to his experience in the music industry, both as an artist and a venture capitalist, he is especially interested in the application of blockchain technology for entertainment and digital media.

Shulgin is also the Bitcoin Association ambassador for Russia and other Russian speaking countries. He stated, “Russia, and especially a part of Russia called Siberia, is a leading region in the blockchain evolution. It has people involved in blockchain since 2010 and 2011. […] There is more than 1,000 miners, from big miners to smaller miners. They mine big blocks and are part of the revolution.”

The Future of Sports event was held in Moscow in mid-February, bringing together the blockchain and sporting worlds. It had speakers from the sporting world, such as kickboxing champion Zabit Samedov and the management of English soccer club Tottenham Hotspurs, as well as the blockchain world, such as Toli Makris from decentralized collectibles platform Ex Sports.

Shulgin’s enthusiasm for peer-to-peer technology goes back decades, way before Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin. Having been a music composer from way back, he discovered P2P file sharing platform Kazaa in the late 90’s in his search for a solution to the rising piracy back then. Kazaa went down a few years later, but it introduced Shulgin to the power of decentralization. By the time Satoshi introduced Bitcoin, Shulgin was already on board.

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