The Future of Sports conference highlights the use of blockchain in sports

Blockchain technology has continued to make inroads into the sports industry, transforming the ever-growing industry greatly. This transformation will be at the heart of the agenda during the Future of Sports conference to be held on February 14.

The event will be held in Moscow and will feature speakers from the blockchain sector as well as the sporting world. Jimmy Nguyen, founding president of the Bitcoin Association, will be on hand to talk about the Satoshi Vision and how Bitcoin SV (BSV) is the only project that has upheld it. He’ll also explain why BSV is the only Bitcoin project that meets enterprise needs through massive scaling, low fees and real-time transactions.

Other speakers include Toli Makris from Ex Sports, a decentralized platform for digital collectibles. Makris will talk about how blockchain can be used to enable a transparent system for sports donations. Joachim Thumfahrt, representing the UAE government, will address new revenue streams on the blockchain while kickboxing champion Zabit Samedov will address the benefits of blockchain for athletes. The management of English soccer giants Tottenham Hotspurs will also be among the speakers.

The event is organized by Alexander Shulgin, the renowned and multi-awarded Siberian composer and blockchain investor. Through his Gruppa Kompaniy Familia, Shulgin has invested in several leading blockchain startups that include Bitfury and DotBlockchainMedia. He has served as a member of the Expert Council under the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation for IT and digital economy, and was awarded the Order for Professionalism and Business Reputation. Shulgin also serves as the Bitcoin Association ambassador for Russia, the CIS region and other Russian speaking communities.

Blockchain technology has already made great inroads in the sports industry. Some of the world’s largest sporting franchises have launched blockchain projects, including soccer giants PSG, Atletico Madrid and Juventus who have launched fan tokens; NBA franchise Sacramento Kings which launched a blockchain-powered live auction platform and the U.K’s Lancashire Cricket Club which sells its tickets on a blockchain-powered platform.

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