Alexander Shulgin on how he became a founding partner of the Bitcoin Association

Alexander Shulgin shares his Bitcoin journey

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While many of us discovered the power of peer-to-peer technology when Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, Alexander Shulgin had done so a decade prior. Shulgin, who is the founder of the Baikal Blockchain Summit, began using P2P technology in the late 90’s to fight piracy in the music business. He spoke to CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero Fontana during the summit, giving his take on why Bitcoin SV (BSV) is superior and how he became a founding partner of the Bitcoin Association.

Music was Shulgin’s first love and although he has moved on, he still composes. Back in the late 90’s, he was struggling to fight with music piracy. It was then when he stumbled onto Kazaa, a P2P file-sharing application that gave him control of his music. While Kazaa shut down a few months later, the P2P technology it used was crucial in the development of other P2P platforms.

It was by using Kazaa that Shulgin discovered the power of P2P technology. He stated, “I still remember this peer-to-peer technology. I followed the development of peer-to-peer technology. When Bitcoin came, I was ready and in support of decentralized technology.”

Shulgin has already invested in a number of blockchain companies including Bitfury, a full-service blockchain company that deals in crypto mining.

Shulgin ended up meeting some of the leaders of the Bitcoin Association and he was instantly drawn to the vision they had for Bitcoin. He joined them, becoming one of the founding partners of the association and also an ambassador for Russia, helping promote BSV in the region.

Shulgin fully believes in the power of Bitcoin SV, stating that it has a great future. With the Baikal Blockchain Summit and other ventures, he is contributing towards spreading BSV to the world. This is critical, he stated, as it’s the only way we can bring the world to BSV. With its big blocks and ability to scale, BSV is unique, he added.

He concluded, “Let’s make Bitcoin great again.”

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