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AI jobs dwarf Web3 postings even amid bearish sentiments

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After jostling for the top spot for nearly two years, artificial intelligence (AI) jobs have garnered more interest than Web3 job listings, riding on the wave of massive adoption.

Coingecko noted that AI job searches are four times higher than Web3 over six months. The data platform relied on figures from Google Trends before making its submission, noting that at its zenith, AI job interest significantly dwarfed its Web3 counterpart.

Both industries have been in a tight race for supremacy, with Web3 jobs taking the lead following BTC all-time high of $68,789 in 2021.

“At its peak score of 26 on both January 9 and 30, 2022, search interest in Crypto Jobs surpassed AI jobs, and was also five times higher than its baseline in January 2020,” read the report.

However, the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and its mass adoption formed part of myriad reasons that changed the game for AI job searches. Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOGLattempt to compete with OpenAI by releasing its own generative AI platform, Bard, drove up AI interest on a global scale.

The dealbreaker came in the form of the frantic push by several companies to include AI as part of their offerings. Without any prior AI infrastructure, these firms are keen on hiring AI professionals to bolster their ranks, driving up AI job interest along the way.

The surge in AI job interest follows a torrid patch for the digital currency system. Digital asset prices are at an all-time low while the industry still reels from the sudden collapses of centralized entities like FTXThree Arrows Capital (3AC), and Celsius.

Regulators are also tightening industry screws for Web3, exacerbating the industry’s existing challenge of layoffs. Since the start of the year, over three thousand employees from a dozen digital asset service providers have seen their contracts terminated in the wake of an enduring bear market.

AI job interest records low interest in the EU

Coingecko’s data ranks Singapore as the country with the most interest in AI jobs, closely followed by Pakistan. Kenya, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Qatar come in third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively.

A glaring point in Coingecko’s research is that no European Union country made the top 15 nations for AI job interest. Several factors may be cited to rationalize the low levels of interest in the region, including incoming stringent AI regulation.

AI developers have decried the stifling nature of the EU’s AI regulations, with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman confirming that his firm may leave the region for friendlier jurisdictions.

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