CambrianSV Team discuss what’s in store for future bootcamps

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The inaugural CambrianSV Bali developers bootcamp was held in September, and to say it was a huge success would not even come close to an accurate description. 

The bootcamp brought together Bitcoin developers in a way that no other blockchain project has been able to put together, allowing participants to learn blockchain facilitating both stronger innovation with the BSV protocol, as well as to foster better relations between the individuals that are helping to guide Bitcoin SV into the future. The inaugural Bali bootcamp was organized by RelayX founder Jack Liu and CambrianSV founder Ella Qiang, who recently conducted a follow-up interview with CoinGeek’s Stephanie Tower while they were in China for the BSV China Roadtrip to discuss how everything went in Indonesia, and what’s in store for the next big CambrianSV Lisbon bootcamp. 

Undoubtedly, the fact that the event was held in Bali was an attraction by itself, but there were 30 bitcoin developers who showed up to participate in the bootcamp. It was bigger than anyone would have imagined and resulted in several surprises. Not only did it help further BSV innovation, but it also brought participants closer together in a Bitcoin forum, meaning the BSV development team, as a whole, is more united than ever in leading the blockchain into the future. A documentary on that special moment, CoinGeek Originals: Bitcoin Bootcamp – CambrianSV, is premiering on December 17 at 1 p.m. GMT/ EST, giving everyone a glimpse of how BSV is driving these programmers to create a new world of commerce.

One of the reasons developers have such an easy time with the BSV blockchain is because of its inherent traits that aren’t shared by other projects like BTC or Ethereum. As Qiang explains, “BSV is the only chain that works…in a scalable way.” She adds that it’s perfect for enterprises because it is both predictable and stable. 

Liu emphasizes BSV’s ability to be a stronger network than others, and how it has already overtaken BTC in terms of transactions in the past month and then overtaking Ethereum more recently. This is the catalyst for the goals of the next CambrianSV Lisbon bootcamp, which includes making transactions more efficient and making the ecosystem run smoother and better. 

Because this first bootcamp was an overwhelming success, another one is in the works. Coming up next February 9-14, developers will be descending in Lisbon, Portugal, to continue their “meeting of the minds” and drive bitcoin innovation even further. That event will precede the next CoinGeek London cryptocurrency conference, as well as the highly anticipated Genesis upgrade expected that month, as well.

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YouTube video

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