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5 lessons from the London Blockchain Conference

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This is an excerpt of “5 Lessons from the London Blockchain Conference” thought piece that is first published on The Digital Wayfinder, the newsletter by George Siosi Samuels tackling topics tackling topics from Web3 to Notion AI and ancient history.

If there’s one thing that the London Blockchain Conference (LBC) confirmed, it’s that the world of blockchain is alive and kicking, brimming with ideas that could reshape our future. Here are five key takeaways, pulled fresh from the heart of the conference, that chief executives and entrepreneurs alike need to know.

1. The power of face-to-face (F2F) interaction

Digital communication is an incredible tool, but it can’t replicate the dynamic energy of face-to-face interaction. I was certainly reminded of this during the conference. This conference was a testament to what I like to call “accelerated serendipity.” With every handshake, every shared laugh, and every intense discussion, new ideas sparked into existence. It was a vivid reminder that being in the same physical space is a catalyst for innovation, making a profound impact on our ability to create and problem-solve. After all, we are still humans that benefit from direct energy exchange.

2. Breeding ground for business ideas

The conference wasn’t just about listening to the experts on stage. It was also about the conversations that took place on the sidelines, over cups of coffee, and even on the back of napkins. Multiple business ideas were born, solidified, or pivoted in these informal environments. It was a vibrant reminder that breakthroughs often come in unexpected ways and places.

3. Safe harbors in ‘blockchain’ discussions

With the heated debates surrounding cryptocurrencies, it was refreshing to see that blockchain technology is viewed as a “safer” topic of discussion. Blockchain’s potential extends far beyond its use in cryptocurrencies, and the conference highlighted this. Its application in sectors like healthcaresupply chain, and financial services were just a few of the areas where blockchain is making a real-world impact. Although a lot of focus was put on the BSV blockchain due to its scalability.

4. Bitcoin could always scale

One of the most compelling arguments at the conference was the scalability of Bitcoin, as proven via BSV blockchain. BSV recently generated a staggering 86 million transactions in a 24-hour window, setting a new world record. It’s an impressive feat that shows Bitcoin’s potential isn’t just theoretical. It’s real, it’s tangible, and it’s here today.

5. The rise of Digital Asset Recovery (DAR)

Another significant topic was the importance of Digital Asset Recovery (DAR). As our lives become increasingly digital, the need to recover digital assets—whether lost through mishaps or cybercrime—is growing rapidly. This trend will only continue as more assets become digitized and the value of these assets rises. It’s a field that every tech-focused executive should be watching closely.

In conclusion, the London Blockchain Conference 2023 was a hotbed of forward-thinking ideas, exciting discussions, and emerging trends. From the power of face-to-face interactions to the ever-growing importance of digital asset recovery, the future of blockchain technology is full of promise. It’s a thrilling space to be in, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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