2nd Token2049 Day 2 highlights

2nd Token2049 Day 2 highlights

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The second day of Token2049 continued at the Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong, bringing more entrepreneurs who examined the strength and the challenges of crypto initiatives in Asia at its conference tracks.

Attendees witnessed a heavy discussion between crypto analysts on the value of Bitcoin and the shifting crypto market, which was viewed as young and immature by Murad Mahmudov, one of the panelists of “When Moon?” session. However, he believes that the crypto market is a decade away for a century long paradigm shift.

ICOs and its downfall last year were still heavily mentioned during the sessions. It appears that majority of the speakers who talked about security tokens believe that these will be the next trend the industry should be working on, and companies and regulators should be looking into.

Justin Tron hyped the crowd when he arrived at the hall for his keynote speech. His company brought in a big avocado mascot—allegedly to troll Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin who graced the event the day before—in the event and it was a hit among the attendees.

Filmmaker Torsten Hoffman also graced the event for the exclusive preview screening of his film Cryptopia.

The most interesting in this event is the visibility of various companies and their technological products and innovations, which are moving and shaking the space.

CoolBitX, the maker of the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled hardware wallet, has announced a new product coming out in April that will solve the gap between exchanges by designating address of the crypto withdrawal to only KYC-ed accounts.

Crypto miners who may be challenged recently may also find an alternative solution to improve their business from Azultec’s German-engineered, eco-friendly supercomputer which is created for rendering.

Some companies have shared their experiences working with disruptive technologies and providing solutions to some of the issues industry and even the world is dealing with.

Rally, a decentralized platform compensating content creators and sharers thru advertisers, have noticed a significant growth in their user base after shifting to the blockchain protocol.

ARCC also created a project that aims to empower the urban poor within Southeast Asian cities and battle corruption by challenging governments thru data to be collected within blockchain.

SingularityNet also announced two strategic partnerships—with Ping An Insurance, the world’s largest and most valuable insurer and one of the world’s biggest investment and asset management companies, and Nature 2.0, a community-initiative of Enexis Netbeheer, one of the biggest distribution system operators of the Netherlands.

This milestone aims to keep the company’s promise in bringing AI services to marketplaces and enterprises, and providing solutions to the issues of the world though AI running within blockchain.

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