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2020 year in review: Key figures in Bitcoin SV and gambling

The intersection of Bitcoin SV and the gambling industry was one of the most exciting areas I covered throughout 2020. In doing so, I had the pleasure of interviewing many of the key figures in this space for and also had the opportunity to moderate and listen to a blockchain & gaming panel or two

Looking ahead into 2021 and beyond, the use of Bitcoin SV technology within the gambling industry space is ready to explode and we can already see the beginnings of it. The following eight professionals are paving the way in this space and have been doing an incredible job of educating and spreading the word.

I encourage you to follow these key figures and keep your eye out for their speaking engagements at upcoming events in 2021 such as the CoinGeek Conference, SBC Summit, WGES, Casino Beats and more. I’m confident their work will inspire you.

Matt Dickson

Matt Dickson of BitBoss is the ultimate guru of BSV and gambling, having built a ground-breaking cashless payment system for casinos, a B2B platform for iGaming operators and content creators, the proprietary B2C mobile app “Dragon BSV Casino,” featuring provably fair games such as slots and blackjack, all built using Bitcoin SV technology.

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Dickson has done an amazing job this year of making himself available for numerous panels dedicated to the intersection of the gambling industry and BSV, even if it means waking up at 3 a.m. his time to participate.

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Daniel Lipshitz

One of the most obvious ways Bitcoin SV can be used by the gambling industry is with payments.  BSV’s super low transaction fees and unparalleled transaction speed puts it first in line for micropayments or any sort of gambling-related payment, really.

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Lipshitz’s innovation at Gap600, a technology company he founded and now serves as the CEO, is to enable instant digital currency deposits, taking the risk away from merchants for any “double spending.” While Lipshitz’s innovation is not limited to the gambling industry, the payment processors that Gap600 services are primarily focused in the gaming industry.

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While the CEO of Peergame is a bit more “behind the scenes” than his peers, what he’s created is nothing but exceptional. 

Peergame represents the first regulated casino built on Bitcoin SV and utilizes a non-custodial wallet for customers, meaning customers’ money goes straight to the bet and the winnings go straight back to their wallet, instantly. In other words, the casino is no longer the bank. To do this, there needs to be trust that the outcome of the game is fair and unaltered, which is where the BSV blockchain comes in. 

PeerGame has also announced a “coming soon” affiliate program, where their affiliates will also enjoy the benefits of instant payouts.

Phil Runyan

Phil Runyan is the CEO of Hold Gaming, a skill gaming start-up that combines social casino, iGaming and esports to create a new experience for millennials and beyond. Runyan is also the Managing Partner for Veridat, a platform to record clinical research data and ensure the data’s integrity, all facilitated by the Bitcoin SV blockchain. 

As someone who fully understands the unique capabilities of BSV, especially through his experience with managing pharmaceutical data, he’s got a complete understanding of how gambling industry operators such as Hold Gaming can also benefit from the technology.

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John Brackens

John Brackens is the CTO of esports wagering platform Esports Entertainment Group (NASDAQ: GMBL), also a firm supporter of the benefits Bitcoin SV technology will bring to the esports and wagering world. 

In our CoinGeek Live interview, Brakens explains how the younger generation in particular have shown a willingness to embrace blockchain technology, the very same generation that has a passion for esports. The transparency and immutability of the BSV blockchain can solve integrity issues and allow for the odds to be verified and validated, not to mention the ability to process micropayments for fractions of a penny, allowing for smaller bets.

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Jimmy Nguyen

An iGaming lawyer once upon a time, Jimmy Nguyen of the Bitcoin Association has a deep background in the iGaming industry and fully understands how iGaming can benefit from Bitcoin SV technology.

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In his role of Bitcoin Association President, Nguyen has a bird’s eye view of the entire BSV ecosystem and his finger on the pulse of all the innovation that’s exploding on the BSV blockchain. This level of knowledge in both spaces puts him in a unique position, plus he’s done an amazing job as an ambassador, connecting stakeholders in both industries and explaining to iGaming professionals of all levels what the benefits of BSV are.

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Calvin Ayre

Calvin is the number one ambassador of Bitcoin SV and the gambling industry, especially when it comes to the iGaming world, of which he is a pioneer. He’s a firm believer that BSV technology will “eat the world” and constantly encourages those in the iGaming space to get on board now with BSV and leave their competition in the dust.

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Calvin is so confident in the power behind BSV that he launched his own industry news site and puts on his own conferences to spread the word, all under the magnificent CoinGeek brand.

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