GAP600 partners with Alchemy Global Payment Solutions for Bitcoin payments

A new partnership will introduce incredibly fast Bitcoin SV (BSV) payments to several new countries, and over a million new merchants. GAP600, the company that enables safe and instant BSV transactions, has partnered with Alchemy Global Payment Solutions to help spread cryptocurrency payment solutions in Asia and the Middle East.

In a January 21 announcement, the aim of the partnership is clearly to help spread Bitcoin adoption in the world, and they hope to do so combining GAP600’s fast payment solutions with Alchemy’s merchant reach. “We believe that the usage of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment will be a huge market in the years to come,” said Patrick Ngan, Co-Founder and CEO of Alchemy. “In this regard, the Alchemy Hybrid Payment Solution is already a game-changer because it creates real-world use cases by allowing crypto holders to spend their cryptocurrencies on goods and services – propeling cryptocurrencies towards becoming a global currency.”

Combining that ability with GAP600’s proprietary risk engine, which allows merchants to safely accept instant Bitcoin transactions using their proprietary risk engine, will propel crypto adoption, noted GAP600 Founder and CEO, Daniel Lipshitz.

That game changing and easy to use technology was what made GAP600 Alchemy’s top choice as a partner. “Integrating GAP600 into our platform was straightforward, easy and simple,” noted explains Liang Chuan, CTO of Alchemy. “With the enhanced transaction and security capabilities GAP600 enables, we have plans to broaden our reach into new industries such as hospitality and luxury markets where buyers can purchase big ticket items using crypto payments.”

Now that the deal is done and GAP600 has been integrated into the platform, merchants in 13 Asian and Middle East markets, numbering over 1.2 million. Alchemy’s blended crypto and fiat payment system, developed in collaboration with QFPay, allows merchants to accept payments on smartphones, tables and point-of-sales terminals through digital wallets like Alipay, WeChat Pay and Rakuten Pay.

This partnership also offers great promise for both companies. Alchemy plans to expand to several new countries, such as South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand. Through big merchant partners like ANA airlines and CÉ LA VI at the Marina Bay Sands, they will improve the merchant experience of businesses and consumers alike.

With Alchemy’s push to increase Bitcoin adoption, and GAP600’s incredible approach to providing fast and safe transactions, this deal will make the benefits of using Bitcoin more apparent to millions of users and businesses. And thanks to Bitcoin SV’s incredible ability to scale, the blockchain is ready to take on this incredible new level of usage, and help these merchants grow their businesses.

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