Mandeep - Dr, Saxophonist, Rapper - Conversation #24 with the Women of BSV

Women of BSV guest Dr. Mandeep talks monetizing his raps on-chain

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We have all heard the quote of Hans Christian Andersen, “Where words fail, music speaks,” and a guest on a recent episode of Women of BSV personifies this quote quite well. Dr. Mandeep, a saxophonist and a rapper, was the first artist to mint a music track on RelayX and launched a share-and-utility creator token $DEEP in 2021 to help build and maintain a community among his local fans. Already popular in the BSV community, he released and sold out two NFT songs—the Satoshi Bop and SHUAAA—and performed live at the Bitstocks Gravity iOS launch party.

Dr. Mandeep first heard about Bitcoin in 2017-2018 and was drawn in from an investment perspective, itching for more and a vision that made sense to him. He first heard about Bitcoin SV in 2019 from a friend, Liam Chai, who told him about big blocks and the scalable nature of this technology. He later tuned in to Dr. Craig Wright’s video wherein he talks about data ownership and how the internet should have been, which Dr. Mandeep said he found very compelling, and he has been obsessed with this technology since.

He wrote his first track for Bitcoin’s Got Talent, inspired by his favorite musician Kendrick Lamar. “It’s nice to write something that caters to a niche subculture because everyone understands the references. It is easy to feel like a pariah within BSV [digital currency] space, so it felt good to produce a track like that,” Dr. Mandeep said.

Eyeing to become a psychiatrist, he stated that the mental health field is in a state of flux, and that is where the music comes in because it is simple and suitable for all.

What inspired you to make music on-chain?

Dr. Mandeep complained that a million streams earn a musician only about $4000 on Spotify. Artists have no further control over music, and he believes that they can do a lot more, including making more money.

“I want to make music that people outside the Bitcoin community can also understand. I am writing songs about what Bitcoin does for the world and what a Bitcoin world looks like, without even mentioning the word Bitcoin. And I think that’s great,” Dr. Mandeep said.

Focused on making music and monetizing it, he has spent the last five years on gigging and wants to spend the next five years scaling. “I’d be very happy to turn Spotify inside out. I have written a couple of hundred songs, and I’m writing more,” he told WoBSV.

Referring to the minting process at RelayX as simple, he said it is simpler than the existing [previous] processes outside of Bitcoin space. “At the moment, there is a 10 MB limit to what you can upload because miners do not accept packages greater than 10MB. An artist needs to upload a GIF, JPEG, or MP3; set the mint level, describe the token, and off it goes. The audio part depends on the artist entirely, though. I am currently setting up my seven NFTs as people that purchase five or more will get a physical vinyl that we are printing for this project,” Dr. Mandeep explained.

“They will first be given only to NFT holders and later to public market; RelayX has nothing to do with it because it depends on artists and how they describe the token structure. You will see a tab called Deep Tokens on my website, under which listed are my songs that you [as a fan] have ownership over, i.e., you own a percentage of those songs,” he continued.

In summary, he noted that it’s good that BSV price is not exploding because it will otherwise only attract ‘dirt’ like other digital currencies. He also said that it’s great that the BSV community has integrity and holds valuable technology for the world.

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