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The very first Bitcoin gameshow

There is a new way to get your business venture on the map in the Bitcoin ecosystem–Bitcoin’s Got Talent. Bitcoin’s Got Talent is a mix between a game-show, a pitch competition, and a hackathon; there are three main judges–Isaac Morehouse, Jack Liu, and River–as well as one guest judge–TK Coleman (on episode one)–that listen to the contestants pitch their Bitcoin businesses, before voting to send the contestant to the next round of the show, or voting them off the show.

Episode one debut

Episode one of Bitcoin’s Got Talent went live on January 31st; on episode one, four contestants–Preston Brown, John Pitts & John DeFelice, and Georgiy–pitch their creations and business ideas to the judges. Without revealing too much, Brown has created a platform that attempts to tear down the walled garden(s) that you often see in Bitcoin, Pitts and DeFelice pitch a crowdsourced dictionary, whose backend has the potential to turn into something much greater than a dictionary, and Georgiy presents a piece of music that might just serve as the song Jimmy Nguyen walks out to at the next CoinGeek conference.

You can watch the full episode below:

YouTube video

“I am looking forward to seeing the reaction of the first (pilot) episode and to see if we can get people in the space excited and interacting again,” said River. “It’s been almost a year since we’ve had all the opportunity to come together physically as a community, and given that travel is still off the cards for most this was the next best thing that we could think of to bring the Bitcoiner’s together again and have a laugh, watch in awe and motivate inspiration to build and create new and exciting things in the space. We want to attract anyone in the space, developers, designers, singers, you name it! If you’re a bitcoiner and you have a talent to share, we would love to hear from you! The major prize is an all-expenses-paid trip to the next Cambrian SV!”

What I personally liked about episode one of Bitcoin’s Got Talent is that it’s lighthearted, a bit informal, and judged by individuals who work on Bitcoin at the ground level–beyond that, the group of judges gives some really good business advice. It’s refreshing to see an onramp that allows lesser-known individuals building on Bitcoin get some spotlight on their projects.

If you think you have a good Bitcoin-business idea and are interested in taking that idea to the next level, you can apply to appear on Bitcoin’s Got Talent; applications are open, episode one is live, and I look forward to seeing the next episode of Bitcoin’s Got Talent

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