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Women in Blockchain highlights the need for more diversity in the blockchain space

On the eve of May 22, also the second day of the London and Blockchain Conference 2024, female entrepreneurs, future tech enthusiasts, and media gathered at the AllBright Mayfair Members Club to celebrate Women in Blockchain.

The invite-only event, co-organized by London Blockchain Conference and Women in Blockchain Talks, was designed to bring together like-minded ladies to enjoy intimate networking, a thoughtful panel session, cocktails, and canapes. Attendees ranged from London Blockchain Conference speakers and delegates to local business owners and disruptive voices in the Blockchain, Web3, and future tech space.

Upon arrival at the classy venue in Mayfair, guests were greeted with welcome drinks and an opportunity to mingle with peers, followed by a panel and more networking.

The 45-minute panel discussion was moderated by Women in Blockchain Talks Founder Lavinia Osbourne—also known as the “Oprah of Blockchain”—who was joined by panelists Christine Leong of nChain, Lauren Ingram of Women of Web3, and Divya Prashanth of JurnyOn.

The panel covered various topics, including why we need more diversity in the blockchain space and how to get there, barriers to entry, tips for raising investment in emerging tech, the most exciting aspect of blockchain and where AI meets blockchain.

“It’s been a really special evening,” Ingram shared with me after her panel.

“It’s been amazing to have so many women in one space that are all connected to blockchain or Web3 in some way. I think you do get a special kind of energy when you get women coming together that are typically in the minority at an event,” she added.

Prashanth, who was alongside Ingram on the panel, described the evening as an “amazing collaboration” and expressed her gratitude for such events.

“I’m so thrilled that the London Blockchain Conference has done this. I’ve had some fantastic conversations with all the women out here, be it women who are looking to start their own start-ups or who are already in on their journey. It’s been fantastic,” she shared.

Osborne said she was honored to take part in the evening’s festivities as a partner and talked on how important it is to foster these types of conversations.

“As I stated on the panel, it’s not just about diversity and inclusion. It’s about highlighting the diversity of talent. We are, first and foremost, talented individuals. But yes, we are women, and representation matters,” she said.

Leong also discussed diversity during the panel, citing her efforts at nChain to build a diverse workforce within the Web3 world and explaining why this is so important.

“Diversity of thought to me is the most important thing. I’m really diverse myself, so having different types of thinking will allow us to help us grow better. Better solutions, better team, better culture,” she said.

Lilly Douse, the Conference Chair for London Blockchain Conference 2024, was also in attendance.

“I think if we can try and bring more women into the industry and show them that you don’t need a specific degree, I think we’re seeing that tonight with so many amazing women. You don’t need to have a special background; you just need to believe in technology, believe in change, and really just want to see a different future,” she shared.

It’s important to note that while it was a “Women in Blockchain” event, the discussions were not just about women in blockchain; they were about the utility and solutions blockchain brings to the digital world. When asked to reveal the most exciting area that blockchain is going to power forward, the panelists had some thoughtful perspectives to share.

Osbourne cited tokenization and fractionalization of assets as the most exciting space for her, while Prashanth cited public transport as an industry that is ripe for disruption and digital transformation.

Leong talked about her passion for digital identity solutions.

“Sir Tim Berners-Lee said when he designed the internet and built the internet, what was missing was the identity layer. In order to make it really, truly digital and modern, we need identity to be compatible with the digital world. Right now, it’s just a bit too archaic,” Leong said.

Ingram pointed to the intersection of AI and blockchain. She described it as a sweet spot that will help replace the jargon surrounding the Web3 space with something that appeals to the masses.

A lot of the time when we talk about blockchain, apart from the people that are truly building products based on blockchain, lots of it does feel like we’re talking about the future. And I do think the thing that will change that is some kind of killer application. And I think that’ll probably involve AI,” she predicted.

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