Why Squire Mining CEO Taras Kulyk is excited for the future

Squire Mining Ltd. is making moves in the crypto industry and its CEO, Taras Kulyk, is very serious about getting crypto ready for big business to use.

Right on the heels of Squire’s announcement of a non-exclusive transaction to acquire CoinGeek mining hardware, Taras Kulyk spoke with CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero about the groundbreaking agreement, and the future he sees for the company.

Now with equipment in Canada, the US and Kazakhstan, and an additional 62,440 application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) mining rigs, Squire Mining is in control of some serious hardware, and Kulyk could not be more pleased. He enthused, “The exciting part is, we’ll literally be the largest global crypto mining company that’s publically traded.”

Kulyk, however, is mindful of the end goal, which he says is about “taking crypto out of the basement of people’s homes and into the boardroom for enterprise adoption.” He also noted that this is perfectly in line with the work the nChain team has been doing on the Bitcoin SV platform.

As big as recent events have been for Squire Mining, Kulyk doesn’t believe they are done yet. When asked about what is in the future for Squire, Kulyk said, “2019 will be transformational because we’ve got our units coming online, our brand new chip designs, as well as this will probably be the first of many different acquisitions for Squire.”

Squire isn’t waiting for 2019 to makes these big moves. They have already ensured they will have top of the line mining rigs, and have conducted testing on their top of the line ASIC prototype, which will allow them to provide more hash power for less energy.

The future holds more developments for Squire, and they are not yet done building on what they’ve accomplished. Next up will be a rebranding, to cement their recent deal. Kulyk reminded us they will be renaming the company to CoinGeek Technologies.

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