CoinGeek Week’s Miner’s Day critical to the future of mining

Why CoinGeek Week’s Miners Day is critical to the future of Bitcoin mining

Now that the Bitcoin BCH hard fork is behind us, there are a lot of questions on what is going to happen going forward. In just over a week, cryptocurrency miners can find the answers to their questions at the CoinGeek Week conference, which will feature a day specifically for miners and mining activity. This day is crucial to anyone in the mining space in order to understand where mining stands today and where it is going.

There’s no doubt that miners are the most important facet of the crypto ecosystem. Miner’s Day has been added to the front end of the conference in order to highlight their importance and to begin the conference with the most talked about subject in crypto. While CoinGeek Week is going to be one of the most important conferences of the year, Miner’s Day stands out as a pivotal opportunity to help forge what lies ahead.

CoinGeek Week will be held November 28-30 at the Mermaid at Puddle Dock in London. Miner’s Day, taking place on November 27, is an invitation-only event—open to miners, equipment manufacturers, mining pool representatives, mining software developers and anyone in the mining community.

The rest of the conference will include participation by a number of experts in the crypto space—Dr. Craig Wright, Michael Hudson, Joannes Vermorel, Dominic Frisby and many more. Day 2 will focus on application developers, while Day 3 is for application merchants. The first three days of activities will be followed by networking events, giving attendees the perfect opportunity to expand their list of contacts and build their business and personal circles.

The last day will look to the future of cryptocurrency. It will highlight what’s in store and how Bitcoin BCH is shaping the commerce environment. Afterwards, attendees are invited to participate in an after-party thrown by CoinGeek’s founder, Calvin Ayre, to celebrate the end of another successful CoinGeek conference.

Time is running out and so is the space. There are only a limited number of tickets remaining, so purchase yours today. If you prefer to pay with Bitcoin BCH, you can do so directly on the CoinGeek website. If you prefer to pay with a credit or debit card, check out CoinGeek’s Eventbrite page. Don’t just watch history—be a part of it.

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