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What’s up with the blockchain space? Dotswap, Panda Wallet, and Be the Broadcast join the conversation

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On the latest episode of CoinGeek Discussions, BSV blockchain entrepreneurs from Dotswap, Be the Broadcast, and the open-source Panda Wallet joined Alex Vidal and Zachary Weiner for another round of talks on the developments in the blockchain space.

Introducing Dotswap

Dotswap describes itself as “the first and fastest BRC20 swap, bringing the optimal experience to the Ordinals ecosystem.” Its representative on the discussion says the team has built multiple things, including a non-fungible token (NFT) protocol and DotWallet. It realized that BSV is the best blockchain for Dotswap. The team saw an opportunity with Ordinals and launched for trading them on both BTC and BSV.

How successful has it been so far? It has already seen 19 BTC in liquidity through its automated market maker for swapping BRC tokens to Bitcoin and vice versa. Liquidity providers earn yield consisting of fees generated from the swaps.

Dotswap says what they are doing now was impossible on BTC because of the block size and technical limitations. Launching Ordinals on BTC was a pain, but their product Echo Launch helps reduce the fees by up to 50%.

The team’s goal is to make things as easy and simple as possible for those new to Bitcoin. To achieve this, it will make the user interfaces as simple and intuitive as possible, creating simple, straightforward user experiences.

Mr. Lin says the most exciting thing about blockchain in the future is the global ledger being integrated with everything. He encourages everyone building on BSV to become a miner and connect with other nodes. He warns that relying on a centralized third party for data could be a fatal mistake.

Casey Hamilton talks about Be the Broadcast and onboarding influencers

Casey Hamilton is a familiar face to many in BSV. She runs and got into Bitcoin by researching and posting about alternative medicines, which got her censored on large social media platforms. This led her to search for alternatives. After discovering platforms like Steemit, she stumbled down the rabbit hole, eventually discovering the true Bitcoin (BSV).

Hamilton is working to onboard influencers and content creators to BSV. Right now, she’s holding back while some of the bugs in various BSV apps get worked out, but she has already onboarded some to HandCashLaMintReal World Podcasts, and Coin Survey.

Why is she doing this? It’s an opportunity to earn multiple streams of passive income via referrals, and that’s also how she sells it to potential leads. Be the Broadcast helps anyone to find BSV apps organized into easy-to-understand categories. It also allows users to connect with experts, such as the technical minds in BSV.” Hamilton says she wants it to be “Facebook for BSV.” She also wants people to understand there’s an alternative to the legacy Web2 platforms.

Alexander Fauvel asks what the main barrier to entry is so far. Hamilton says it’s the bugs in some of the apps. There’s also a point at which new users get set up and then wonder what to do next. This requires education. Weiner agrees there’s huge value in getting people up to speed quickly.

Panda Wallet, an open-source, non-custodial wallet for BSV

WAGS is the co-founder of Haste Arcade and JPEG Wars, and he’s been working on an open-source, non-custodial BSV wallet that supports 1sat Ordinals, Panda Wallet.

WAGS points out that people have been talking about a wallet like this for years, so he decided to get the show on the road. It’s open-source so that others can work on it, adding features and functionality, too. For example, if someone wants to support RUN tokens, they can make it happen.

Speaking of features, WAGS says Panda Wallet will have some unique ones, such as custom themes. He even sees the potential for limited, tradable features. There’s endless possibility, thanks to the power of the BSV blockchain.

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