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What to expect at the London Blockchain Conference

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The London Blockchain Conference is upon us, and in a few short days, the world’s largest utility blockchain conference will kick off at the QEII Centre in the U.K.’s capital city.

As the time draws near, exciting announcements about speakers continue to drop, and the panels, discussions, and presentations promise to deliver useful, actionable, and compelling information on how blockchain can and is being used to power the next generation of applications and businesses.

Let’s take a quick look at the agenda and some of what we can look forward to!

What can we expect at the London Blockchain Conference each day?

On Day 1, we’ll hear opening remarks from BSV entrepreneur and venture capitalist Calvin Ayre, who is generously hosting the London Blockchain Conference. 

Aside from the opening speeches, day one will involve discussions, panels, and presentations on all sorts of interesting subjects such as the evolution of Web3, NFTs for streaming, using blockchain technology to build a business, how and why to scale blockchain, how blockchain is revolutionizing the fight against counterfeit goods, and several technical presentations showcasing tools for building on blockchain.

Then onto Day 2 with Ben McKenzie and others

Day 2 will kick off with a couple of essential keynote speeches on regulations in Europe and beyond; the second of these will involve U.S. actor and author Ben McKenzie. We’ll then see presentations on digital asset recovery, the trust economy, information security with blockchain, combating academic fraud, signatures and identity, and more.

The conference’s second day will also see various presentations by nChain and the Block Dojo. These are two of the biggest forces in the BSV blockchain ecosystem, kickstarting companies in the space and lending their expertise to help them proliferate. These presentations are sure to be a treat.

Day 3 will see Peter Schiff present

On Day 3, there will be a few extra special presentations from economist and gold bug Peter Schiff and Dr. Craig Wright. Schiff will tell us how a digital gold system should really work, and Dr. Wright will explain how we can leverage blockchain to enhance business efficiency and reduce costs.

Day three will also include informative presentations and panels ranging from how BSV blockchain will change lives through education to how blockchain will be the backbone of AI and the Internet of Things. Other panels will cover how Teranode enables unbounded scaling, how Merkle trees prevent data loss, damage, and alteration, and we’ll see some impressive presentations of blockchain-powered applications.

It’s utility all the way at the London Blockchain Conference

Looking at the agenda above, you’ll notice no mention of anything to do with token prices, speculation, or using blockchains to achieve fringe political agendas. The London Blockchain Conference is all about utility and how blockchains can be used to change the world for the better, enabling governments, enterprises, and entrepreneurs to create massive value and make a dent in the universe.

The conference kicks off on May 31 and will run through June 2. View the full agenda and book your free ticket to the London Blockchain Conference today!

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