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The London Blockchain Conference—Everyone is welcome

From May 31 until June 2, the London Blockchain Conference will bring together entrepreneurs, thought leaders, developers, and others in the government and enterprise blockchain space.

Contrary to popular misconception, this is not strictly a BSV blockchain conference. Although the original blockchain designed by Satoshi Nakamoto will be at the forefront of discussions about enterprise and government use of blockchain technology, builders and entrepreneurs on other blockchains are welcome, provided everything associated with their projects is legal.

Discussions, panels, and debates will cover data integrity, the use cases for utility blockchains, Web 3.0, distributed ledger technology, the internet of value, tokenization, the future of peer-to-peer transactions, and related topics.

While the London Blockchain Conference will not welcome promoters of illegal securities or those infringing on the intellectual property of others, it will welcome open-minded thinkers and speakers from across the industry.

Get in touch with the London Blockchain Conference team if you have a booth or to secure a speaking slot today.

How to attend the London Blockchain Conference as a guest

If you’re not interested in speaking or setting up a booth but are interested in learning more about legally compliant utility blockchains that can revolutionize how governments and entire industries work, you’re welcome to attend the London Blockchain Conference as a guest.

Mingle with innovators, blockchain thought leaders, and developers at the cutting edge of the industry at the biggest enterprise blockchain conference in the world. Register for free today!

CoinGeek is not just a BSV media site

While CoinGeek does cover the technological progress of the BSV blockchain and the business activities of the entrepreneurs building on it, we’re so much more than just a BSV media site.

On this site, you’ll find news and editorials covering central bank digital currencies, the Internet of Things, IPv6, and its potential symbiosis with Bitcoin, Web 3.0, NFTs, and law as it applies to blockchain technology.

Unlike many sites that focus almost exclusively on token prices and market action, CoinGeek covers real-world use cases and how blockchain is changing the world. From more transparent supply chains and financial systems to economies of scale fueled by micropayments, we’re interested in everything and anything to do with legal, legitimate use cases for blockchain.

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