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What’s going on in the blockchain space? Auston Bunsen joins CoinGeek Discussions on X spaces

On this week’s episode of CoinGeek Discussions, blockchain entrepreneur Auston Bunsen joined the chat to talk about Web3, blockchain data, the future of blockchain technology, and more. Kurt Wuckert Jr., David Case, Greg Ward, JPEG Wars, and Xiaohui Liu also joined hosts Alex Vidal and Zachary Weiner.

Auston Bunsen—What this blockchain entrepreneur does

Vidal introduces Bunsen, a Florida-based blockchain entrepreneur who runs His firm provides blockchain infrastructure for 30 different blockchains, including Solana, Ethereum, and others. It doesn’t yet provide support for the BSV blockchain because the demand isn’t there. Bunsen says they’ve had a “handful of requests” for BSV blockchain support but not enough to justify a business decision.

What services does QuickNode provide? It offers read-and-write access to blockchains, allowing people to send transactions and read them. It also provides alerts for when certain events or transaction types occur. The firm has raised over $100 million and plans to keep building tools and going deeper into blockchain infrastructure.

Does this make them a competitor with GorillaPool and/or JungleBus? Wuckert says they’re an indirect competitor, but they’re not direct competitors because the BSV blockchain is so different from other blockchains. BSV blockchain full nodes are exponentially bigger than others, and JungleBus allows clients to subscribe to specific data sets. Essentially, they are middleware between apps and full nodes.

How do you see the future of blockchains? What have you been working on?

Liu answers this question first. He tells us he is still working on sCrypt and is excited by how it can work with Ordinals to unlock new possibilities on Bitcoin. He also thinks Ordinals are unifying people across chains and within the BSV blockchain, which is a positive development.

Liu says tokens have been the “missing piece,” and previous protocols weren’t super compatible with smart contracts—this one completes what sCrypt was designed to do. He has been traveling to various colleges and universities and tells us how excited students are by all of this. Contrary to the negativity towards the BSV blockchain in the cryptocurrency industry, students are excited about its capabilities, and with various workshops and tutorials, they’re becoming increasingly aware of what they can build on BSV.

Weiner asks Liu what students are most excited about regarding sCrypt. He answers that they are amazed that Bitcoin can do smart contracts, are impressed that they can be written in TypeScript, and that the scalability and capabilities of BSV blow them away.

How do sCrypt and Ordinals fit with the internet on Bitcoin? Liu says they are fused with Bitcoin, meaning you can control them via smart contracts. He says he can’t explain how big this is, and he believes it’s a genuine breakthrough that unlocks infinite possibilities.

What is possible with Ordinals that wasn’t before?

Wuckert says he’s been looking for this for years—it’s a simple protocol that uses actual sats. All the complexity has been stripped away, and the satoshis are the first layer you build upon, allowing them to be integrated with everything else, including sCrypt.

David Case says that every week leads to a new discovery about how sCrypt and Ordinals can work together. In sCrypt, you can decide what new outputs will look like, opening many doors and creating virtually limitless possibilities.

JPEG Wars also uses Ordinals. It’s a multiplayer game that involves connecting your wallet and using your inscriptions within an arcade shooter game. It’s fast-paced, super exciting, and easy to play. Games can help unify people, and this one is getting interest from different blockchains. In fact, the majority of people in the game Discord are BTCers, JPEG Wars tells us. CoOM Battles agrees with the last point, saying they’re even talking to people in Litecoin and Dogecoin right now.

To hear more about the guests’ opinions on locking BSVgames on the BSV blockchain, NFTs, micropayment capabilities, and more, listen to the full conversation via the link at the top. Don’t forget to subscribe to CoinGeek so we can alert you to forthcoming discussions!

Watch: Kurt answers viewers’ questions about Ordinals in BTC and BSV

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