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We want to make BSV space more intimate, not intimidating: Women of BSV tells Brittany Bitz

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The bright group of Women of BSV is often seen interviewing experts of the BSV space. This time, founders Diddy Wheldon and Ruth Heasman are interviewed by Brittany Bitz and featured on her podcast. The trio had an informative yet friendly conversation about Bitcoin SV, widespread misinformation about digital currencies on social media, the works of Dr. Craig Wright, and more.

Discussing their future plans, Wheldon told Bitz that Women of BSV will continue doing weekly interviews with technology experts and entrepreneurs in addition to a monthly livestream.

“We will also be hosting a music night once a month to encourage musicians in the BSV industry, because everyone loves both music and NFTs,” they revealed.

NFT projects

Wheldon launched an NFT of an acrylic ship on an ocean on FabriikX in March, which she told Bitz, was a simple and easy project. She captures photographs and submits them to Fabriik, which in return markets them as NFTs: “Users get the NFTs along with the physical copy of those NFTs.”

Heasman, who is also very invested creatively, helps clients and entrepreneurs design websites with a BSV-enabled payment system. She told Bitz that Women of BSV might venture into starting an agency, offering marketing, social media, website design, etc., to those interested in launching their services in this industry.

She also mentioned the NFT projects that Women of BSV is currently doing with Fabriik and Duro Dogs are going well, adding that they would be interested in doing similar projects in the future. 

“We want to make this space more intimate than intimidating, because that’s exactly what will get the new people into this space,” Heasman said.

The conversation moved on to BitcoinZ—an NFT that people can buy on RelayX. It is a physical coin that displays images of three buildings on the coin, namely nChain, TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE:TAAL | FWB:9SQ1 | OTC: TAALF), and BSV Blockchain Association.

What will enable mass adoption of BSV?

Adoption outreach and bringing people from other communities into the BSV space are quintessential for facilitating the growth of BSV enterprise technology. Other “blockchains” and so-called digital currencies don’t seem to emphasize the technology side of things, which is the fundamental basis of the Bitcoin protocol.

“BTC and BSV are so different. When you say Bitcoin, people think BSV; it is a hard thing to talk about it to new people. If you read the white paper, you will understand that BTC is no longer a hash chain of signatures, hence it can’t be called a coin. How can it be called a “BitCoin” when there is no responsibility?” Wheldon stated.

“You can’t buy anything with BTC with a penny because the fee is so high, but you certainly do it with BSV because of low transaction fees. Micropayments is the most efficient component of BSV,” she added. According to Wheldon, the Theory of Bitcoin is an excellent place to start for newcomers in this space.

Heasman chimed in to add that she initiates conversation with people outside of the BSV community by speaking about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), emphasizing that the governments could literally switch off their money at any given moment or decide what they can spend their money on.

She further said that she highlights differences between BSV and other digital currencies, pointing out the SPV wallet system on BSV that people can send money to others on, which then settles onchain.

“There is no man-in-the-middle attack. Cutting through the noise is very hard, and WoBSV will be making videos explaining why all cryptos are not equal,” Heasman noted.

Wheldon will also record voiceovers of some articles that explain the theory of Bitcoin as told to Bitz. “Barrier, language, and lack of education are the main hindrances, and need to be addressed first,” she added.

She said BSV offers so much free education, and Dr. Wright is offering his incredible work and knowledge to everyone right now. Still, eventually, blockchain and Bitcoin education will become expensive in the future.

“A professor named Jack Rogers at Exeter University teaches Bitcoin and blockchain to 640 students, who will likely aspire to become entrepreneurs, and hopefully, the number of students will keep rising,” she revealed. 

Which sectors will facilitate adoption?

EHR Data, Invoicemate, CryptoFights! Wheldon also noted that healthcare, accounting, and gaming are sectors that can become massive entry points, stressing the need for patients to be able to own their data on respective health records. In the gaming space, she continued, Haste Arcade, CryptoFights, and Duro Dogs will bring massive adoption of BSV.

Heasman and Wheldon turned the same question over to Bitz, to which she responded: “A singular event, a pivotal moment, will power mass adoption and get new people in. I don’t know if it’s Twetch, DuroDogs or another app, but it will happen.” 

“Maybe, Elon Musk putting a BSV button on Twitter would do it,” Wheldon said, laughing.

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