Elon Musk and Craig Wright working together

Elon Musk and Craig Wright working together to improve the world? Now there’s a thought

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Elon Musk at a CoinGeek conference? Hopefully that would be just the start of things. Dr. Craig S. Wright has invited the entrepreneur to join him and work together, noting several parallels in their careers.

“I have a proposition for you,” Dr. Wright said in a video message addressed personally to Musk. He invited him to attend the event and join other Bitcoiners in working together, adding “we both acknowledge that blockchain technology is capable of changing the world and improving the lives of many people.”

Many businesses are already working with BSV, using it to store and secure their valuable data. As the world’s largest public blockchain by all major utility metrics including data storage and daily transaction volume, scaling ability and average block size, BSV continues to serve their needs well. Musk’s businesses (including both those we know and the ones he hasn’t revealed yet) could certainly benefit from it.

“You and I both have a long history in innovation, particularly around payments,” Dr. Wright said in the video invitation. Most people might not see payments as an exciting topic, or a field in need of radical change, but a few recognized the difference it could make to people’s lives if money could change hands more easily. Two of those people were Musk and Wright.

No one is suggesting Elon Musk and Craig Wright are similar in every way; they are very different people. There are, however, some parallels in their careers that make them stand out from others. Both have devoted their lives to advancing new and often untested technologies, engaging in work that often forces them to break from their focus to face detractors.

“More personally, we’ve both had to deal with ill-informed and vicious critics. However, time has demonstrated that we were simply living in a future that they didn’t yet recognize.”

Dr. Wright noted Elon Musk’s angle on Bitcoin’s energy consumption. The counterargument goes that anything worthwhile justifies the amount of energy it uses (think space exploration for one), but it’s also true that BTC is incredibly wasteful for what it achieves. Has BTC transformed the world economy, or improved the lives of millions? No. Could it replace the world’s fiat currency tomorrow, even if there were no alternatives? No again.

If you’re going to consume energy equivalent to a small (or even medium-sized) country, you need to show it’s in pursuit of something worthwhile. BSV has demonstrated that Bitcoin can actually perform its intended function as the world’s money—or even use as a base platform for countries to create their own new ones.

Much needed truth at the right times

Musk and Wright were born less than a year apart. Both men have been known to go off-script and speak their true minds at critical times, often to the dismay of PR teams and bottom line-watchers. Both have had moments where they had to plant a foot down and say “no, this is the better way to do it.”

And while those “vicious critics” Dr. Wright mentioned have indeed pounced each time, those moments only continued to endear them to followers who were actually paying attention. Truth is often in short supply in our world, every message seems micromanaged. Flashes of individualism or outright contrarianism are appreciated when they appear.

In 2021 and beyond, who do you want in charge of your future: the people who say “let’s just continue on this course no matter how deep we have to dig,” or the ones who say “I think we need to look at different paths”?

Both Musk and Wright hail from the Southern Hemisphere. On the surface that might seem like an insignificant detail. But maybe there is something about growing up with your winters in July and your Christmases in summer that gives people a different perspective on reality—fundamental life experiences that are radically out of step with most other cultures, and the world as they experience it through TV or in songs and movies.

This may not affect everyone from those places the same way but, to the right minds, perhaps that life experience enables them to more easily imagine a world (or worlds) where things are different; not everything matches the “consensus reality” as presented. Whatever the reason, Musk and Wright are presenting humanity with more original alternatives, ones that often seem more appealing.

Hopefully, we will see Musk and Wright hash things out at CoinGeek New York, which will take place on October 5-7.

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