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Dr. Catherine Lephoto on CoinGeek Conversations
CoinGeek Conversations 9 November 2023

AlphaDAPP: Revolutionizing blockchain adoption in Africa and beyond

VX Technologies Executive Director of Global Partnerships Catherine Lephoto returns on this week’s CoinGeek Conversations to shed light on AlphaDAPP, which has the potential to be a game-changer not only for Africa but for countries worldwide.

Dr Eva Porras on CoinGeek Conversations
CoinGeek Conversations 2 November 2023

Dr. Eva Porras: Transforming the world with Blockchain Smart Technologies

Speaking on this week’s CoinGeek Conversations, Dr. Eva Porras talks about Blockchain Smart Technologies, the Dubai-based company that has developed a variety of consumer-focused apps designed to address specific needs and provide real-world solutions to users.

CoinGeek Conversations with Craig Massey and Professor Elizabeth Stokoe
CoinGeek Conversations 26 October 2023

AI takes center stage at the London Chatbot Summit

At the London Chatbot Summit, CoinGeek Conversations host Charles Miller had the opportunity to delve into the transformative shift with artificial intelligence with two prominent attendees, Craig Massey and Professor Elizabeth Stokoe.

Darren Kellenschwiler on CoinGeek Conversations
CoinGeek Conversations 5 October 2023

Darren Kellenschwiler: My BSV blockchain journey

On this week’s CoinGeek Conversations, Darren Kellenschwiler takes a trip down memory lane on his long BSV blockchain history—which runs from the tumultuous days of the BCH-BSV split to his current role as a technical lead at the BSV Blockchain Association.