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CoinGeek Conversations 1 April 2021

TDXP dances its way to the Asia-Pacific region

Charles Miller finds out what makes TDXP different in this week’s CoinGeek Conversations with TDXP CEO Armen Azatyan and marketing manager Nick Numas.

CoinGeek Conversations 18 March 2021

Jack Liu: NFTs, making Haste and tokenizing socks

In this week’s episode of CoinGeek Conversations, Jack Liu talks about non-fungible tokens, Bitcoin’s first fully decentralized exchange, and what’s next for RelayX.

CoinGeek Conversations 25 February 2021

Steven Walt: Fabriik Markets will be a one-stop shop for liquidity

Fabriik Markets is positioning itself to be a one-stop-shop for liquidity, and General Manager Steven Walt describes their liquidity plan as disruptive, stressing they will be the first in the space to temporarily absorb price risk.