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Calvin Ayre with a mirror next to him
CoinGeek Conversations 26 May 2023

Calvin Ayre: Blockchain can make governments look good to their citizens

The London Blockchain Conference next week will be held at a prestigious venue in Parliament Square, and on this week’s CoinGeek Conversations, conference creator Calvin Ayre talks about how the use of blockchain could benefit both governments and citizens.

CoinGeek Conversations with Tim Malik
CoinGeek Conversations 18 May 2023

Combat IQ: Harnessing the powers of AI and blockchain

Meta Description On this episode of CoinGeek Conversations, Charles Miller and Tim talk about Combat IQ, how it uses AI to process data and how blockchain can play a role in resolving disputes in the sports betting industry.

Lionel Bernard and Artur Lucyk on two separate stages
CoinGeek Conversations 27 April 2023

Solving lack of financial inclusion in Africa with Wleepay

On this week’s CoinGeek Conversations, Lionel Bernard talks about Wleepay, a company that offers mobile financial services to the unbanked in Africa. Meanwhile, Artur Lucyk aims to engage people in the political process via his platform Repolify.

Pieter Den Dooven on CoinGeek Conversations
CoinGeek Conversations 30 March 2023

Solving real world problems with mintBlue

mintBlue Co-founder and CIO Pieter Den Dooven tells CoinGeek Conversations how they set up the challenge to put 50 million transactions on a public blockchain in 24 hours.

Kurt Wuckert Jr. in an office setting
CoinGeek Conversations 9 March 2023

Kurt Wuckert Jr: Bitcoin needs more salespeople

In the second part of his interview on CoinGeek Conversations, Kurt Wuckert Jr. talks about why changing Bitcoin culture would mean bringing in experienced salespeople.