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USDC stablecoin is coming to HandCash

The USDC stablecoin is coming to Bitcoin SV (BSV) wallet HandCash.

HandCash Wallet USDC

Adding USDC support to HandCash will increase the size of the Bitcoin market and community. After initially adding the stablecoin to their app, HandCash plans to create bridges from BSV to USDC that live on other protocols (ETH, SOL, MATIC, etc.), allowing token holders from large digital currency communities to begin using Bitcoin apps and services seamlessly.

“We expect this to be available to all wallet users and developers by late summer or very early fall. It’s our top priority right now because it opens the door to so many companies willing to use the technology but hesitant to commit to a crypto experience – much less a BSV experience (only because of the size of its tribe),” said Alex Agut, co-founder and CEO of HandCash.

“We will add the ability to instantly swap between all of our currencies right inside of HandCash. Also, our goal is to add bridges to all these assets so you can have a native experience, meaning, you can add USDC from Polygon, play Duro Dogs, PowChess, etc. on BSV (without knowing this), swap what you earn into DOGE, and pay your Tesla Supercharger with it. So basically, onramps and payouts from and to cryptos, as well as fiat, are planned. This won’t happen overnight, though, but we expect it to be there,” he added.

Many Bitcoin companies have been adding support for other protocols to increase the number of ways users can make payments or receive payouts. HandCash anticipates the addition of USDC to create new opportunities that will attract more market participants to Bitcoin.

“Long story short: users and app developers will be able to use whatever supported currency they want inside our ecosystem—all of them running on top of BSV while in HandCash. We’ll have bridges to use them for native payments and deposits, too,” Agut said.

“With [USDC] and with third-party apps that use our SDK being able to create wallets on the fly, mainstream apps and games can adopt this knowing that they will be able to finally create nano payment-based apps, games, and services that everyday people can use and understand.”

Powered by Tokenized

HandCash’s recent partnership with Tokenized is one of the reasons that HandCash can begin implementing fungible tokens.

“HandCash is all about streaming money across apps, games and websites at lightning speeds, with many people and companies involved on every payment. That’s what makes us unique, so our choice for a tokenization protocol had to allow us to keep our selling point intact,” HandCash said when they officially announced that they’d be working with Tokenized.

In the announcement, they allude to supporting even more fungible tokens in the future.

“Our team is going to measure demand in order to offer extra currencies on top of this platform, such as BTC, DOGE, EUROC… Working with Tokenized allows us to add extra currencies at a negligible cost, thanks to its robust and feature-rich platform and set of APIs,” they stated.

USDC support on HandCash is expected to be available to all users sometime between the end of Q2 and Q3. In the meantime, you can learn more about why HandCash partnered with Tokenized to bring fungible tokens to its app by reading, “HandCash picks Tokenized for its Fungible Token Platform.”

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