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CoinGeek Weekly Livestream Special: New products, partnerships from BSV pioneers TAAL, HandCash, Tokenized

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CoinGeek Weekly Livestream always brings on some of the brightest minds in Bitcoin, and in a special edition, Kurt Wuckert Jr. brought on four guests to talk about what their firms have been up to over the past few weeks. Ranging from TAAL to HandCash and Tokenized, the BSV pioneers discussed a range of topics and how they were working to take Bitcoin to the masses.

First on was the team from TAAL Distributed Information Technologies (CSE:TAAL | FWB:9SQ1 | OTC: TAALF). CEO Richard Baker and business analyst Nathan Cropper joined the Livestream to talk about WhatsOnChain, the leading block explorer in the BSV space, and how it’s evolving to become a search engine for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

TAAL acquired WhatsOnChain back in September 2020 in a £2 million share deal. Upon acquisition, the Bitcoin transaction processor pledged to provide services targeting enterprise users as well as APIs that mesh with its pre-existing corporate services. 

It has made good on its promise, and today, it offers a standard API key that processes three requests per second for free. But as Cropper told the audience, those that require more have the option to upgrade at a fee.

WhatsOnChain has seen massive interest from the community, Cropper shared.

“Throughout Q1 2022, we’ve had over 126 million API calls, which I think is quite substantial. [We also recorded] 158 million requests. So, it shows that we’re able to service quite hefty numbers of interactions, and we’re pretty happy to do that. Over 30 terabytes of data have been transferred,” he said.

These numbers are pretty impressive, but as Wuckert noted, they are only remarkable in the blockchain ecosystem. In the mainstream data environment, they are dwarfed by what the likes of Amazon and Google cloud computing services can process. 

However, Baker pointed out that “blockchain is built for transaction data, it was never designed to be a payload data environment.” 

He believes we will have a hybrid environment in which users will be running sharded databases on cloud computing but with the value of “being linked to hash records that allow you to search for your indexed blockchain-permissioned data.”

Being a transaction processor, TAAL is inevitably affected by the BSV price. Baker observed that the company is out to prove BSV’s long-term utility by driving adoption. On whether the sale of its ‘mined’ BSV affects the price, he noted that TAAL’s economic model focuses on holding BSV and sells the BCH and BTC first to cater to its operational costs.

HandCash and Tokenized talk integrating USDC and other assets

Wuckert was joined by HandCash developer Brandon Bryant and Tokenized’s Curtis Ellis in the second part of the Livestream. The two came at a time when the two firms announced that various other fungible tokens would be available on the HandCash wallet. 

As Bryant revealed, HandCash expects the integration to be available by the end of the summer. 

On why the integration is critical, Bryant explained that it’s because the wallet “needs to burst out of the BSV bubble. HandCash is going to be the streaming money company. Whether it’s BSV, USDC, or any other asset, we can use the BSV blockchain as a competitive advantage over Venmo and other such companies.”

For the end-user, they’ll deposit the USDC as they would to Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN) or another exchange, only that Circle will be the custodian. HandCash will then receive the notification from Circle, and the tokens will reflect on the user’s wallet immediately for use in BSV-powered applications. Other digital assets will follow in the future, with HandCash still undecided on whether to use white glove services or build the entire platform themselves. 

“We haven’t weighed out those options yet. Anything is on the table,” Bryant stated.

Tokens have become a big deal in BSV, and with it has come great competition between the various tokenization protocols, from STAS to RUN to Tokenized and even the Simple Fabriik Protocol. Upon announcing that it had settled on Tokenized for its fungible token protocol, HandCash instantly sparked a debate on why not the others, which founder Alex Agut responded to promptly.

Bryant revealed that the wallet considered how each token protocol would hold up to this specific use case, settling on Tokenized, whose “whole architecture is really scalable and suitable for that particular use case.”

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