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Upcoming Philippine Blockchain Week 2023 promotes inclusivity, collaboration in the blockchain space

The inaugural Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW) in 2022 was a resounding success, but the event organizers are aiming for more for the second iteration of the conference. On September 7 at the Marriot Hotel – The Hub, lead convenors, members of the Blockchain Council of the Philippines, and thought leaders in the local blockchain space gathered to share a glimpse of what everyone can expect at the conference.

In her opening statement, Janelle Barretto shared how she and Donald Lim, PBW’s lead convenor and Barretto’s mentor, started brainstorming ideas for the first conference.

“The Philippine Blockchain Week was launched in 2022 around November and was well-received by a global audience. Some were calling it one of the best Web3 [event] that they ever attended,” Barretto said. “This proof of concept inspires us to stay the course and solidifies the Philippines’ position as a blockchain capital of Southeast Asia.”

Janelle Barretto addressing the audience
Janelle Barretto giving the audience a glimpse of how PBW first started

Baretto explains the concept of this year’s event, “Breakout,” saying that they came up with the idea of doing it to break free of expectations and break the myths and misconceptions about blockchain technology while still bringing inclusivity and collaboration in the space.

“This is not just an event. It’s a movement, and the time to get involved is right now. So, don’t miss your opportunity to be part of the future with the Philippine Blockchain Week. Get ready to breakout and seize this incredible opportunity,” Baretto said.

Donald Lim said the week-long gathering will feature the metaverse fashion gala with renowned designer Michael Cinco, the Global Spectrum Initiative of Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee, Department of Information and Communications Technology’s Blockchain 101 for students and government officials, Department of Trade and Industry’s creativity summit, their partnership with Smart Communications, concert from first decentralized Kpop group tripleS and much more.

Panelists Tyrone Bretana, Michelle Dee, and Donald Lim
In Picture: Tyrone Bretana, Michelle Dee, and Donald Lim

Lim honed in on establishing the Web3 concept because of the convergence of Web1, Web2, and Web2.5, which, according to the PBW lead convenor, is the centerpiece of the upcoming conference. Apart from his firm stance on Web2.5, Lim reiterates to the media how the future is anchored toward blockchain and their end goal of positioning the Philippines as the leading blockchain hub in Asia.

“We know that blockchain is the next big thing. Whether you like it or not, every technology will sooner or later be anchored in the blockchain,” Lim remarks.

Going over their expectations in the event, Lim shares that they expect around 10,000 attendees and 180 speakers, which includes Means Business Randi Zuckerberg, Inspired Money’s Asha Axena, and representatives from BSV, Algorand, Solana, Polygon, and Hedera as well as members from the Fintech Alliance Association and Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Association of the Philippines.

Donald Lim addressing the audience
Donald Lim shares what’s to expect at the Philippine Blockchain Week 2023

Question and answer:

What is the role of play-to-earn in shaping the blockchain sector?

Tyrone Bretana of One Tier Entertainment—one of the primary partners of PBW 2023—says the most crucial part is “we don’t know what the future holds, but the future is exciting.” Expounding the statement, Bretana says that the Philippines is at an early stage in blockchain gaming. Still, it opens the room for Web3 as a technology capable of creating value.

For individuals with little to no knowledge of blockchain and Web3, how can you encourage them to participate in the Philippine Blockchain Week?

Co-founder of the PBW 2023 and founder of Women of Substance, Chezka Gonzales, reveals that she has not been involved with blockchain for a long time. So, as a piece of advice, Gonzales says just to join conferences on the space to learn and experience what the technology is. She adds that the PBW 2023 has room for everyone and encourages the press conference attendees to see the opportunities in the industry.

Panelists John Aguilar and Chezka Gonzales
In Picture: John Aguilar and Chezka Gonzales

How is blockchain in the Philippines compared to different countries in Asia?

Lim says that although the Philippines is yet to become the blockchain capital of Asia, the country is slowly gaining traction to become one.

“We realize that blockchain affects everyone,” Lim notes. “We learn that for any technology to be successful, everyone has to be in. No sector should be left behind.”

Will there be further adoption in terms of blockchain in the Philippines?

Lim answers that we must have a slow but steady approach to blockchain adoption, as a snowball effect will happen as Filipinos further use the technology.

Closing up the press conference, Gonzales invites the attendees to experience the second Philippine Blockchain Week, stating that blockchain is not just a technology but something that could potentially help us in our daily lives.

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