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ForeverRealm using game features, promo events to grow its NFT marketplace on BSV

NFT art marketplace ForeverRealm has proved popular since it launched in January 2022. This week, the team posted on Twitter that users had placed 874 orders on March 3 alone, its highest volume. On that day it saw 2,632 new NFTs created—its second largest day, after creating 4,665 on February 28.

ForeverRealm is another BSV blockchain project from Boquan Hash, makers of DotWallet and the “Bitcoin-as-a-Service” (BaaS) suite. Available as a mobile app linked to social media accounts, ForeverRealm has combined the popularity of collectible NFTs and a slick user interface to deliver an NFT marketplace that encourages participation.

Users can create their own NFT collections at no cost. There is also curated content, customer support, and the ability to create 3D art that can be viewed from any angle. 

Looking at ForeverRealm’s activity logs, it’s clear the app’s appeal has grown well over the past couple of months. 1,121 new users joined on February 25, and since then, the number of listings, orders, buyers, and product views has increased markedly.

March 3, 2022, was also its highest-volume trading day, with 18.7 BSV passing through its system, making a total 0.935 BSV profit. Though the growth has been impressive, that’s obviously still small-fry compared to what an NFT marketplace is capable of—ForeverRealm’s promotional campaigns will likely see it grow even further.

The team operates a Discord server and Telegram group for users to discuss and promote works. Since its main market (for now) is China-based, artists can also link their WeChat identities for additional cross-promotion.

ForeverRealm has been adept at using social media promotions, competitions, airdrops, and other giveaways to entice new users to get onboard. 

The video below describes how to create an NFT “blind box,” a feature added back in February with v1.2.0. Part of collector culture, a blind box is a mystery package, or “lucky dip” where the exact contents are hidden, but the buyer takes a punt on it containing something extra valuable or otherwise worthy. They also assist lesser-known artists by bundling their works with the more famous ones, promoting them, and putting them on the market.

Blind boxes are sold auction-style as a game, with bidders competing with each other and using the bids to determine the odds of receiving a valuable item. For those selling blind boxes, there’s the chance to make the contents of the box more profitable (due to the mystery) than selling individual, specific items. ForeverRealm describes it as “the first De-Fi model for NFTs.”

The team has shown multiple ways to make NFT art trading more exciting than just listing items and selling them. The game features and promotional events add a layer of entertainment that doesn’t exist on more bare-bones NFT markets, and the competitive element drives up prices.

Whether art NFT trading can stay popular longer-term remains to be seen, but they’re definitely all the rage at the moment, and collectors seem to relish the opportunity to participate. ForeverRealm has grown a lot in its two months of existence and looks to add more collections, new artists, and theme series over the coming year.

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