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UAE’s Bedu doubles down on AI investment with new offerings for enterprises

UAE-based firm Bedu has announced a hard pivot into artificial intelligence (AI) technology by launching AI-powered services for individual and enterprise users.

Bedu’s flagship offering in the sector is an “agnostic” AI Builder Tool designed to offer users the ability to create immersive digital experiences, Gulf News reported. An underlying feature of the service is integrating with blockchain technology.

“Our vision that encompasses the convergence of Web3.0 and AI, is at the helm of reshaping industries and human experiences,” Bedu Co-founder and Chairman Khaled Al Huraimel. “As we embark on this transformation, we invite likeminded visionaries to join us in this journey where innovation knows no bounds and technology drives endless possibilities.”

Bedu’s AI push sees it roll out an AI-powered media management tool for asset management and another product using natural language processing to streamline documentary processes across several industries.

The UAE-based tech company has its sights on healthcare and security with an AI solution to provide real-time insights for voice and visual data. Bedu says that its foray into AI is primarily motivated by the forecasts of several reports that AI can contribute up to $15 trillion to the global economy before the end of the decade.

Bedu is nursing ambitions to complete a pre-seed round, hoping that investors will be lured by its string of innovations in AI. The company says it will deploy resources from its pre-seed round toward regional expansion while earmarking a significant chunk of resources toward research and development.

“We’re at an exciting juncture,” Bedu CEO Amin Al Zarouni stated. “With our portfolio of innovations and a pre-seed round, we’re poised to forge a future that will shape the very essence of the digital realm.”

Before its AI push, the tech firm has been making major inroads in Web3 with its Virtual Mars Experience 2117 using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

UAE throws its weight behind AI

In the middle of August, Financial Times reported that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are stacking up high-end chips in a global AI arms race. Both Gulf nations have reportedly ordered thousands of chips in separate deals worth over $100 million, with the UAE keen on floating its own generative AI models.

“The UAE has made a decision that it wants to … own and control its own computational power and talent, have their own platforms, and not be dependent on the Chinese or the Americans,” said a source with knowledge of the matter.

Armed with oil wealth, the UAE is moving to attract global machine learning talent to the country as it eyes becoming a leader in the AI industry.

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