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Twetch passes 1 million transaction milestone

Twetch, the social media app built on Bitcoin, exceeded 1 million transactions on October 27.

This is a remarkable and significant milestone for the company, its users, and the Bitcoin ecosystem. The 1 million transaction milestone makes Twetch one of the few Bitcoin companies to put 1 million transactions on-chain.

To learn more about this milestone and how Twetch got there, we talked to Josh Petty, the co-founder of Twetch, to learn more.

From the day Twetch launched to the 1 millionth tx, how long did it take to reach this milestone?

From the day that we started, it took about 18 months to get our 1 millionth transaction.

Is Twetch the first Bitcoin app to put 1 million transactions on-chain?

Twetch is the first and most active application to have 1 million transactions on-chain; Ethereum cannot even dream of such a thing.

Why should someone who has never used Twetch before give it a try and check it out?

Twetch represents the future of the internet. It is ad-free, you can profit off of it, you own your own data, and the user is in total control. In a world where these big internet giants are the ones that are in control, Twetch treats users and their ideas the way nature intended, giving users control of their property.

What would you say users like most about Twetch?

Twetch users like the money the most, they make a lot of money. There are people making thousands of dollars on Twetch. The other thing would be the culture. Bright gang represents a group of people who really are willing to go in the world and try to make a difference to see a brighter future, to really try and make things better in a world that is sort of doom and gloom. Bright gang stands out, we shine bright.  

Can you share any details regarding quarterly or YTD revenue?

I’m not going to go into specifics because the answer is on the blockchain. Twetch is on the blockchain, it’s completely auditable on the blockchain, everyone can see the money going in and out on the Bitcoin blockchain.

But something that’s really exciting about Twetch is that within the last 30 days, our revenue is more than last year’s revenue. The revenue is really growing, people are coming back day to day to use Twetch, not just for our posts to the blockchain features and to profit from their content, but people are using Twetch DMs to do business and connect with new people. It’s really about getting the world better connected on Twetch right now, and the culture is just really, really strong.

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