Tune in to watch CoinGeek Originals: CambrianSV Lisbon documentary premiere

This Monday, the latest CoinGeek Originals will be live on YouTube. On April 27 at 10 a.m. GMT, the CambrianSV Lisbon documentary will premier via CoinGeek. This is the second CoinGeek Originals that documents the CambrianSV experience, a Bitcoin-development bootcamp organized by RelayX and FloatSV founder Jack Liu. 

Each CambrianSV Bootcamp has a theme

The theme of CambrianSV-Lisbon was unbounded efficiency.

“This time, the theme of this event is about efficiency,” said Liu. “It’s about unbounded efficiency, that’s what the protocol now allows because it’s now scaled. But it’s up to us, the developers building protocols and applications on top, providing miner services, to make sure that we are intricately linked in the most efficient way possible, so that our businesses ultimately serve end users and can be competitive with the internet-era companies, of the Googles, Facebooks, and Amazons of the world.”

The Genesis protocol upgrade removed the block-size limit from the Bitcoin network and unlocked its disabled script language, which allows developers and creators to build applications and services that could not exist with the previous network limitations.

With the Genesis upgrade, Bitcoin businesses can rival and beat-out the products and services that we are used to using. To name a few Bitcoin businesses—that were present at CambrianSV Lisbon—that are making great strides and are on course to upend traditional tech giants, RelayX, BitPing, and Twetch have created innovative products that have optimized processes that consumers around the world are already familiar with—social media, website monitoring, and currency exchange respectively. 

A few of our favorite excerpts

We don’t want to give away too much; you will be able to see the documentary in its entirety today. But in the meantime, here are a few of our favorite excerpts from the CambrianSV Lisbon Bootcamp:

Be on the lookout for this CoinGeek Originals on Monday, April 27. You won’t be disappointed! This documentary has been skillfully put together by CoinGeek’s very-own Charles Miller, and is sure to give you a fresh perspective on Bitcoin and inspire you. 

While you wait, we recommend checking out the very first CoinGeek Original—CambrianSV Bali. CambrianSV Bali was the very first CambrianSV Bitcoin Developer Bootcamp, where the goal was for the BitCoin developers in attendance to build usable products and services by the end of the week.

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