RelayX to launch widget on

As the digital currency market has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, the need for concise and unbiased data has become crucial. Unfortunately, this kind of data has never been harder to find. For the Bitcoin SV community, a new platform to check BSV’s price and market cap couldn’t have come at a better time. And now, it will be easier than ever to buy BSV, with RelayX set to launch a widget for the platform. has become the new reference point for the BSV community. The platform displays the most up-to-date BSV price and market capitalization. The interface is free of all the jargon found in other platforms. What sets it apart, however, is that it’s the only platform that serves you the true value of BSV. comes with an easy channel to purchase BSV which supports Tether, BTC, USD Coin, BCH and Alipay. Once you make the payment, the BSV is delivered to your Paymail or BSV address.

Now, it will even be easier to purchase BSV thanks to RelayX. The Bitcoin wallet revealed recently on Twitter what it has in store, tweeting, “Let people buy BSV direct from We have a widget for you.”

RelayX has continued to innovate to make Bitcoin easier and more convenient to use. Its latest product is Trademail, an interoperability solution that lets Bitcoin owners send their BSV to ETH, BTC and USDT wallet addresses. Trademail eliminates the need for a third party such as an exchange or a swap service, saving time and money.

Trademail is already in use by some of the most popular Bitcoin wallets in the market, including Centbee, Money Button, SimplyCash, HandCash and of course, RelayX. To convert your BSV to any other currency, all you need to do is input the receiving address with its given suffix. For instance, if you’re converting to Ether, you input the Ethereum address with a “”.

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